Ms. Yoga Holds Court

As I have stated that when Ms. Yoga is in town, there is a schedule to follow.  It is understandable that she sees family, friends and even business appointments.  She likes gatherings and she had planned a gathering one night, that was on one of the few days that I actually work, as I am semi-retired for a lack of a better term.  So, I was going to meet them after I got off of work and my long commute.  She was going to hold court that evening at Fleming’s Steak House and she enjoys her steakhouses.  The only difference was that she was meeting everyone in the bar side, as opposed to the restaurant side, and that is always a fun side to be at.  By the time that I arrived, everyone was gone, save for Ms. Yoga and my Bride.

Since the last time that I had been to the bar at Fleming’s they had changed the menu from their “5 for 6 til 7” and created a complete mini-menu for the bar side, and you could order from the main menu in the bar as well.  I am not sure exactly what was ordered, but since the women are dyed in the wool noshers, there was a collection of small plates on the table and I was the designated vacuum cleaner.  There were a couple of half sandwiches like a filet, a prime-cheeseburger and a French-Dip.  There were also sides of veggies and even Candied-bacon.  I just grazed on what wasn’t touched that was either destined for me or for a “doggie-bag.”

While I was looking for a glass of wine to have with my smorgasbord of small plates, I saw that they were even offering a cocktail made using Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc, but I passed and chose something that I was sure would pair with an assortment of carnivore dishes.  Of course, my dates for the evening had neglected to record the wines that they were having before I arrived and I really don’t like stock photos found on the internet, so I will only discuss my wine which was by Taken Wine Company of Napa Valley at it was their Red Blend 2014.   Taken Wine Company is a joint effort by two individuals that have Napa juice going through their veins, notably Josh Phelps and Carlo Trinchero and their first release was the 2010 vintage.  Here is a wine that is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot and Petit Sirah and aged in French Oak.   I found it to be big, and not overly jammy, because the Zinfandel was not domineering in the nose, taste or finish, but just blended perfectly and paired with my hodge-podge of small plates.  Flemings should use Ms. Yoga for an advertisement as she always has at least one session here each time she is in town.

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