A non-technical wine site, where I get to talk about my memories, and the smiles that the wine makers skills have given to me.  I just wish I had more of some of the wines to share with you, and to taste again.  Though some are etched in the back of my brain, with the brazen defiance that I will never surpass that one perfect bottle, but I keep trying.

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  1. Yvette says:

    Well written and often nostalgic. Makes me want to curl up on the couch (with a glass of wine, of course!) and keep reading (so keep writing)! You write very well… might this be your calling?

  2. Yvette,
    Thank you for your very kind words. This is a subject that I find the words just flow onto the page. I hope you come back for more, and another glass of wine. You challenge my Muse, with your words of encouragement.
    – John

  3. Mary Ellen Smith says:

    I like few things better than reading, and one of my favorite guilty pleasures is reminiscing on old-school Detroit. So, John, if you’ll pardon the pun, keep me posted!

    • Mary Ellen,
      There is nothing better then reminiscing about wines or the old neighborhoods of Detroit, both of which I love to do. One of the surest ways is to click on the “follow” icon on this site, or watch for the teasers that will come your way on Facebook. Thank you for taking the time, and the next time you have a glass of wine, take a moment to smile and think of this site. Salute.
      – John

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and like it very much. I’ll be subscribing and looking forward to more stories and reminiscing!

  5. julespaige says:

    Taste and smell bring wonderful memories.
    Thank you for visiting my Mindful 4 (Jan) post.
    Happy New Year.

    • All memories that bring a smile are wonderful. Taste and smell are two of the most important aspects of enjoying wine and food, as they tend to be interwoven in a story. Thank you for stopping by.
      – John

  6. Andy Leonard says:

    John –

    It was great meeting you at Manno’s a few weeks back.I have enjoyed reading through your website and look forward to future posts and perhaps another opportunity for us to taste wines together.

  7. Paul G. says:

    I was recently pointed to your blog, and I wanted to reach out and just says, thanks for talking about my wine. I am the owner maker of Sinecure Wine. You had mentioned that you where not sure how long this one would sit in the corner and be a good little wine. I think she will stay in the corner and not complain for at least two more years. But if you want to try a fun wine now it would be good to open and enjoy the wine as she is. I also would like to invite you to come to my winery and try our Grenache Noir that is in the barrel. I think you would enjoy the tasting.

    Again thanks for noting us in your blog.

    • Paul, thank you for stopping by and I really appreciate your note and your invitation. My Bride and I were just talking about another trip to Carmel, probably next year, but I will make it a point to let you know ahead of time, as it would be an honor to meet you and to see your winery. – John

  8. Thank you for following my blog. I love wine, and I’m originally from Michigan…

  9. I usually like my bubbles at the beginning of the meal, and it doesn’t always have to be Champagne. Sparkling wines from Alsace, the Loire, California and even Michigan all work for me, it is more the moment, as I tend to shoot from the hip and not much of a control freak. I am honored that you even asked my opinion. I find that Champagne makes any meal more festive and if I could have a steady diet of any one Champagne, I guess it would be Dom, as it seems to be the one that I have had the most, and the one I write about the most often. Thank you. – John

  10. Becky Ellis says:

    Good Morning,
    My post about Champagne/Wine Pairing including your quote was posted today. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and expertise with me and my readers: https://bubblybee.net/2018/02/06/10-helpful-hints-for-pairing-wine-and-food


  11. John,
    Since you’re an old-school Detroiter I wondered if you might be able to help me. I am doing research for a book on Detroit’s old Tiki palaces; Mauna Loa, Chin Tiki, The Tropics. Any chance you ever went to any of them? Might you have photos or memorabilia? Just thought I’d ask. I enjoy reading your blog! Thank You. Renee

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