Almost a Dry Lunch

With Ms. Yoga in town, the week is all about scheduling, as she is in here for business.  The good news is that during the week that she is visiting, I actually have two readers of my blog that I can account for under one roof.   Ms. Yoga and my Bride are both in the same industry and that is how they originally met, and now they somehow include the fifth wheel (me) into some of their plans.  I was going to join them for lunch, and then they were going to do business stuff and I could do some wine stuff, and my stuff sounded so much better.

We were meeting at Meriwether’s which I have wrote about often and they do a very good job and have survived the trials and tribulations of the restaurant industry for ages.  They are a part of a small local chain where each restaurant is a separate unit with its own identity, so they are not cookie-cutter repeats.  The restaurant has the feel of an English Inn and they are known for their fresh seafood and steaks.  They are also known for their Teacup Bread and the accompanying Honey-Cinnamon Butter and as I look back, they have never offered a second helping on this wonderful side.  Alas, we were not having fresh seafood per se, because we were meeting for a not-so-fast lunch.  Ms. Yoga had the Charley’s Chowder and a Shrimp Caesar Salad.  I looked at the menu and decided that I wanted a Spinach Salad done in the classic way, with the warm Bacon dressing, and to my surprise, my Bride wanted that as well, and we shared a protein topping, or as I would call it a breast of chicken.

My two road warriors that I was with, refrained from having a glass of wine or a cocktail, because they were on the clock, I on the other hand was not on the clock and I decided on a glass of wine as there was no need to order a bottle just for one person.  I decided on a glass of Marqués de Caceres Rosado Rioja DOCa 2016.  The estate was founded in 1970 by Enrique Forner, whose family has been in the wine business for almost the entire Twentieth Century with vineyards in Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Cenicero and they basically are all planted with either Tempranillo for red wine and Viura for white wine.  They are also known for the use of American and French Oak for aging. This Rosado was basically Tempranillo with four percent Garnacha Tinta, hand harvested and aged in Stainless Steel to maintain the freshness of the fruit, in fact the wine was actually bottled in January after the fall harvest.  The wine had a very pretty coral pink color, with a floral nose, very refreshing and easy drinking and would have worked with almost any savory dish.  At least I had a chance to enjoy a glass of wine or there would have been no article, as who wants to read about a dry lunch?

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8 Responses to Almost a Dry Lunch

  1. Yes, you have a very handy “excuse” to drink wine:) Your lunch sounds great, dry or not!

  2. Thanks for the article, i really enjoyed it as a business person and winemaker.

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