Back for a Meeting

I had actually missed three meetings of my dinner club, though I did continue getting my duties performed for the group, both prior and after each meeting. I truly enjoy the comradery of the group, but prior commitments precluded my attendance. I finally made it to another meeting without missing a beat. The meeting was held at the Masters Restaurant in Warren and we have had plenty of meetings there in the past, and the odds are that we will again in the future, even above the grumblings of some of the members who have even longer commutes than I do, and it was quite onerous, in that it took me almost three hours, because of the inability of people that drive that probably should not have licenses.

After getting to the restaurant and taking care of my initial duties for the club, it was time for me to greet the fellows and even welcome a member that had been gone for several years who had returned. The restaurant is under new ownership and I could not really detect any changes, we even had the same waitress that has put up with in the past dozen meetings or so. The new owners also decided against changing the kitschy décor which is all golf memorabilia, since the restaurant in structure is a copy of the famed club house that is seen yearly during the famed golf tournament known as the Masters. Our hosts that evening had ordered a couple of hot appetizers that were served in chaffing dishes in the back of our room and it was just a help yourself set-up. It was while I was studying the menu that I noticed slight changes in the new ownership. The first entrée that was offered was Atlantic Salmon which was broiled and served with a baked potato, no change there. The next two offerings were different. There was “Hawaiian Chicken” with a teriyaki sauce over rice pilaf and Tenderloin Beef Tips in a teriyaki sauce served over rice pilaf. The use of teriyaki sauce was new, as I had anticipated more of a Hellenic slant to the food from the new owners. I had ordered the beef dish and I found that the sauce was much saltier than I am used to, since most of the time I encounter tenderloin tips done in a Zip sauce, which is all the rage in the Metropolitan Detroit area, and if you have never encountered a Zip sauce it is basically drawn butter with garlic and a few other spices.

As has been the latest custom these days, since the guests purchase their own drinks, I was going to partner with another member and buy a bottle, but the wines sold by the bottle were just as pedestrian as the wines sold by the glass, so I opted to have a cocktail earlier and then a glass of wine with my meal. The most interesting red wine that I found was Wolf Blass “Blass” Black Cassis Cabernet Sauvignon Langhorne Creek 2015. Langhorne Creek is a designated wine area within the much larger Fleurieu region of South Australia. This was wine made with twenty percent of the wine aged in oak and I must presume the balance was aged in Stainless Steel. Wolf Blass was founded in 1966 and now does about five-million cases of wine a year from just about all parts of Australia. They were bought by Treasury Wine Estates which also bought Penfolds. It was a decent glass of wine from a restaurant that is not wine focused as I am sure that they pour more cocktails and beer compared to wine. I shall look forward to the next meeting, as it is a new venue for us.

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