An Afternoon Wedding

We recently went to an afternoon wedding that we were look forward to, to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials. The event was looked forward to by the families on my Bride’s side and even her Sister from Louisville was coming in and she was going to stay at our house. As is to be expected there was a whirl-wind of activity in the house in preparation for our guest and for the event. The wedding was held at a chapel and it was lovely. The entire bridal party was awash in navy and orange; and I really didn’t give it much thought as navy blue is the latest and greatest color these days for men’s tuxedoes, so I thought they were being avant-garde. It was basically Standing Room Only at the chapel and I had to park a couple of blocks away, because of the crowd. The Bride was lovely and radiant as she emerged from a room upstairs and proceeded to walk down the staircase to meet her Groom. The wedding was a real family affair as her cousin performed the ordained rites as he has done for several others in their families. After the ceremony there was about three hours of lag-time to accommodate the photos that were going to be taken.

Most of my Bride’s immediate family decided to meet at one of her Sister’s home since it was near the chapel and also near where the reception was going to be held. On the way to her Sister’s home we took a side trip and bought some appetizers and foods and wines to keep every entertained until we would all meet up again at the reception. We basically stopped and got finger foods. An assortment of cheeses and crackers, vegetables and some rotisserie roasted chicken. I mean it is always good to nibble especially with some wine, and the time passed quickly as we waited to go out for the dinner.

We picked up four different wines to try for our little impromptu party and I will only discuss two of them. Since we had stopped at a large local independent market my Bride and her Sister bought the best and most interesting wines that they found there. The first was a bottle of Castle Rock Rosé of Pinot Noir 2016 from Mendocino County in California. Castle Rock was founded in 1994, so they are a relatively new winery, but they have facilities in California, Oregon and Washington states. Most of the wines that they make are in large quantities, but not in the jug-wine category. This particular wine had around twelve thousand cases made and for a rather large output the wine was crisp and enjoyable and paired well with the casual foods that we were sharing. The other wine that I will discuss was Santa Carolina Chardonnay Casablanca Estate Reserva 2012 from Chile. Santa Carolina was founded in 1875 and they are now part of the Carolina Wine Brands, probably the largest wine concern in Chile with estimated two-million cases of wine produced each year. Casablanca Valley is a newer wine region in Chile developed in the 1980’s during the revival of the Chilean wine industry and has made its mark in white wines. This wine was produced using both Stainless Steel and older oak barrels. There was a very light oak flavor to the wine and it was very easy to drink. We timed the food and drinks quite well for our little party as everything was consumed and it was time to go to the reception.

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