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Two Additional Tastings

When I went to pick up the March Wine Club selections from the Fine Wine Source, I actually had my better half with me, as she was running errands and I was tagging along.  After a year of confinement, most … Continue reading

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Oremus Tokaji Dry and Aszu

As I mentioned it was a bleak and dreary rainy day when I made my way to my local wine shop The Fine Wine Source.  As you can imagine, I am a very quiet and demure individual and most of … Continue reading

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The Rhapsody

Where I was born, and grew up there was a mix of different nationalities. The “borough” of Delray in Detroit was home to immigrants of Armenian, Hungarian, Italians and Polish descent and each group had their own church to further … Continue reading

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Dinner at Le Cirque

What a great way to spend an evening away and to celebrate a birthday at the legendary Le Cirque in the wonderful Bellagio Hotel. The glamour and the richness of the evening were just beginning. We were all doing the … Continue reading

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An Evening of Two Wine Bloggers and Their Brides

As I started this blog, I had no idea what to expect, nor did I have any belief that anyone would read my recollections, other then perhaps my Bride.  Soon after I had begun, I had a gentleman that started … Continue reading

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Bull’s Blood

Bull’s Blood is not an inviting name for a wine, but then I also think that Blood Soup does not sound enticing either.  This is a famous wine from Hungary from the vineyards that surround the town or village of … Continue reading

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