Stopping Off for Lunch at a Winery

My Bride, Ms. Yoga and myself were on our way home from Holland, Michigan and we were going to have lunch at Sandhill Crane Vineyards in Jackson, Michigan.  According to our GPS we were supposed to be taking a scenic route, but it really wasn’t, we were on no time table and the route only added about twenty minutes to the trip.  The changing of the leaves, which is beautiful in Michigan, had not started anyways, but we did see more two-lane roads, compared to freeways.  Also, the route that we took had us avoid some of the roads that our harridan campaigned to fix, but hadn’t, so the struts on the car didn’t suffer as much.

I guess the whole world had the same thought as we did, as it seemed that all traffic, including groups of bicyclists were all going to the same destination.  Sandhill Crane Vineyards is one of three wineries in Jackson, and we still have not visited the other two, but I know that we eventually will.  Sandhill Crane Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery, dedicated to making wine with pure Michigan grown fruit.   Norm Moffatt began growing grapes in his retirement and slowly his family joined in and the avocation became a vocation.  In 2003, Sandhill Crane Vineyards was official.  They offer about thirty-five different wines and three beers, and they also have an in-house café; and between those two selling points the place was mobbed.  One would think that they were giving everything away, it was that busy and everybody was having a ball. 

It appeared that the majority were repeat customers that were having lunch with wine.  They had tables outside on the lawns, tables under terraces, tables out on the porch, and tables in the huge tasting room.  The proper procedure that I discovered is that you go and place your food order, and then you go and select the wines that you wish to taste.  With both of the women placing orders independently of each other, we ended up with orders of the Local Smoked Trout Spread, Homemade Hummus, a Charcuterie board and three orders of BLT sandwiches with farm grown heirloom tomatoes.  In fact, I think that the whole horde of visitors were ordering the BLTs as the tasting room smelled wonderful, that is, if you like bacon.  After ordering the food, they gave us a number holder to place on our table, and then we ordered our tasting selections at the bar.  I did probably drive them a bit crazy at the bar, as I took photos of each wine in the plastic cups (remember plenty of people were drinking outside) next to the wines.  We all did a sampling of four wines, that are put on a tray, with the wines written out on the tray that we took back to the table to drink with the food when it came out.  We were having a good time, and next I will discuss the wines.       

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  1. C M says:

    What a great afternoon!

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