Four Wine Tasting at Sandhill Crane Vineyards

As hectic as it was fun, the crowd at Sandhill Cranes Vineyards was impressive.  It was like all roads lead to the winery.  Well, the lunch hour was not the best choice for tasting wines, but it was great to see all the people having a great time.  I did notice that there were more people outside drinking, compared to the crowds indoors, but it was a beautiful day to be out among the vines.  I actually nibbled on a few grapes on the vines, but it is like sugar cubes on the vines.  I tried to get information from our host as he was pouring and I was photographing the wines, but I was told that all the information that I would need would be found on their website.

The first two wines that we tried was an interesting comparison.  We had the Sandhill Crane Vineyards Stainless Chardonnay Michigan 2018 and the Sandhill Crane Sur Lie Chardonnay Michigan NV.  What better than to try the same grapes (potentially) made two different ways.  The Stainless was aged, just as one would expect in Stainless Steel tanks. In plastic cups it was difficult to discern the true color, but it looked like a pale golden color and it had notes of lemons and florals.  On the palate tones of apples and very crisp acidity.  The Sur Lie Chardonnay was fermented in French Oak barrels.  The wine was also a pale golden color and offered notes of white fruit and oak.  On the palate the wine had tones of apple, honeydew melons and almonds in a buttery oak setting with a bit of terroir at the end.  Of the two Chardonnay wines, this is the one we bought a bottle of for the table, to accompany all the food, when it got delivered. 

Then we had two reds to taste.  The first was Sandhill Crane Vineyards Estate Marquette Michigan NV.  It was a deep red colored wine and offered notes of dark fruit and herbs.  On the palate there were tones of black cherry and spices, with soft tannins and a moderate finish.  It was a very easy drinking Marquette and a grape that does very well in the Midwest.  The second wine was Sandhill Crane Vineyards Black Cat Michigan NV.  This medium red colored wine offered notes of dark fruits and pepper.  On the palate there was some dark cherry and dried plums and black pepper, some rich tannins, some acidity and a decent finish of spices.  It reminded me, that there was probably some Noirette in the mix, for the rich pepper notes.  A mental reminder to go there in between lunch and dinner, when it is calmer, but still a pleasant time.  My Bride and Ms. Yoga enjoyed the trip.

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