Valvin Muscat

I am tasting wines made by winemaker David Bos at The Fine Wine Source and I have discovered another new grape.  I guess one of these days, when I have some free time, I must sit down and apply for the Century Club; I am sure that I have tried one hundred different grapes made into wines.  Valvin Muscat is a hybrid grape variety developed for white wine production.  It was developed by grape breeder Bruce Reisch at the Cornell University New York State Agricultural Experiment Station and was released on 7 July, 2006.  The wine is a cross between Muscat Ottonel (vitis vinifera) and Muscat du Moulin (hybrid); and offers distinct Muscat grape characteristics.  Muscat Ottonel is found predominately in central Europe and most famously in Alsace.

Bos Wine Methode Agricole Michigan 2020 is made with Valvin Muscat and is a “Pet-Nat” type of wine.  Methode Agricole is a farming method that minimizes risk to the environment without sacrificing economic production.  Pet-Nat is short for Petillant Naturel “naturally bubbling” and is respected as authentic craftsmanship of small quantities of wine.   The wine uses natural yeasts and does not undergo a second fermentation (like Champagne) and some refer to it as Zero Dosage, because there is not added sugar.   There is less bubbles and pressure and the bottle uses a cap closure like a bottle of beer, so make sure that you have a “church key.”  I liked the wine, as it is not bone dry as most sparkling wines seem to be aiming for.  The wine has a bit of a funky nose, the best that I can describe it (you know me with descriptors) and the wine is a bit cloudy or hazy, a by-product of the production method.  A very easy drinking wine that brings some of that magical brioche taste at a moderate price, and it is a fun wine for groups.

Bos Wine Peridot Michigan 2019 was the second wine that I tasted using the Valvin Muscat grape and since this was a still wine, it was an easier wine to taste the grape.  At first when I heard that it was a Muscat, I was expecting a sweeter wine, but even us old Street Somms shouldn’t try to second guess any wine.  This was a very easy drinking white wine with soft notes of florals and roses and mild taste on the palate that will compliment most appetizers or dishes, as there is no discernable bitterness or sweetness to the wine.  Excellent for conversations and good friends.              

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