Two More Whites from Bos Wines

It is a pleasure doing a wine tasting with a winemaker like David Bos at The Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan.  The only problem is that I have to be careful that I don’t monopolize his time, as there are others to taste his wine as well.  I can tend to commandeer a conversation, if I am not careful, and that would ruin the moment for the other tasters, as not every question or discussion might not be as important to them. 

It took David Bos and his family about three years to move from Calistoga, California to Williamsburg, Michigan; just outside of Traverse City, which plenty of people deem to be the epicenter of the wine industry in Michigan, though he did maintain his contacts in California.  From Williamsburg, he kept looking for his final destination.  I tried his Bos Wines Riesling Old Mission Peninsula 2018.  For years, I and many others would connotate Michigan vinifera wines with Riesling and in the early days it was made to be sweet, but over the years the Riesling became dry and that is what this wine was.  The wine had a nice pale straw color with a little golden rim tone.  The wine offered notes of soft citrus, I thought of lemon and lime, while on the palate an easy drink with the delightful higher acidity that I enjoy, which makes me want to have another sip.

While they began in earnest in Williamsburg, they discovered a farmhouse on Ames Street just off downtown Elk Rapids, Michigan with a red bar in the background and they knew that they had found their home.  Even though their boutique wine began in 2010, they now feel that they rightfully have a home with a tasting room and a garden.  I then tried their Bos Wine Wishflower Old Mission Peninsula 2018.  This wine is a blend of Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer co-fermented with Riesling, all from the Old Mission Peninsula just north of Traverse City.  This wine had a soft golden color with notes of pears, apples and the perfume of Gewurztraminer.  This wine had lower acidity with flavors of apricot and spices.  I think it would be great with spicy Middle Eastern to Easter cuisine or with some interesting appetizers.               

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