Chicken at Home

This whole stay in shelter or whatever is the official term for it is, is giving my Bride a taste of retirement, even though she is working every day.  While we may be home all day, we are still trying to maintain some semblance of order, you know, a routine, like getting up, showering, shaving (for me), paper and breakfast and coffee.  Some days breakfast is more elaborate and some days very Spartan.  She then goes off to the computer to work remote, like the majority of her associates and I create projects that I can do, while maintaining my sanity as The Wine Raconteur.

Lunches are normally a solitary thing, as we normally don’t have lunch together during the week, and for the most part, they are easy lunches that we both have.  I attempt to channel my inner Dagwood, and I know that the majority of the people that will read that, will say “what in tarnation’s is a Dagwood?  Is that Endorra mispronouncing Darren again?”  I mean lunch is reverting back to my days in school, a good bread (and I am sure that will be one of the first things that are gone) a couple of different deli-counter meats, a couple of different cheeses, a couple of different spreads and some hot peppers and then once assembled, a quick trip to the toaster oven and I am satisfied.  She thinks she is at the office with soup or yogurt.  One of the nights she made Parmesan Breaded Chicken Breasts with potatoes and vegetables.  She is a firm believer in a rounded meal, just like we were taught in the last century.  This is one of her favorite dishes for home, because she says it is quick and easy. 

I decided to go with her new favorite go-to wine and also because it was already chilled, it is amazing how that works, and brownie points are good when-ever.  Famille Sichel Sirius Bordeaux Blanc 2017 was the wine that was poured.  Famille Sichel is a family owned negocient firm from 1883 in Bordeaux, as they were in the procurement process for their locations in Mainz, London and New York.  In 1938 they even bought Chateau Palmer, which at the time had fallen on bad times and have since brought it back to all of its glory.  The family does not believe in resting on their laurels as in 2001 they even built a completely new bottling and storage facility in the Bordeaux region.  This particular bottle of wine is a blend of the two leading white grapes of Bordeaux, namely Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.  I don’t think that I would be amiss to opine that this wine was aged in Stainless Steel as there was plenty of fruit and very refreshing.  It starts off with a nose of citrus fruits and finishes with some terroir with a decent finish.  I will tell you, that this is a new habit, that may be difficult to break, and that is drinking wine at home, just for the two of us.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with a new habit 🙂 haha I know exactly who dagwood was, or should I admit that LOL and if I wasn’t already laughing this did me in “just like we were taught in the last century.” Perfect. Just think, when this is all over we will be telling the story of the great stay at home that happened back in the 20’s 🙂

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