We’re Bank Robbers

That was the first thought I had when I saw the prototype of the face mask that my Bride created.  I guess that I have a strange sense of humor, especially the “gallows humor” from the forced incarceration that we all seem to feel.  This will be one of my stray articles away from wine.  I guess it is because I am proud of her and her ability to do this project.  I think it was Day 17 that she decided to go and get her sewing machine and set it up in the family room.  She had already commandeered the dining room table for her new office, because she and basically all of her company are working remote and so far, it seems to be good.  I think that our governor tried to put everyone into bankruptcy with the draconian measures that are in place, but it doesn’t seem to be working out as well here.  It seems that we are hearing fewer bad reports from the coasts, but Detroit seems to be behind the curve.  So, as my Bride was talking to her coworkers and clients, she was hearing all types of sad reports on the shortage of goods, she decided that she would help by making the face masks. 

First, she went looking for fabric, and shades of Carol Burnett, she found the extra fabric from the curtains in the kitchen and the breakfast nook.  She also ended up ordering fabric from a fabric shop, because they are deemed an essential business and she arranged for street side pickup.  She was on a roll, and then she ran out of the fabric used for the ear straps, which was good, as she was ruining needles, she became creative and started crocheting the straps.  She would have gotten gold stars in Home-Economics, but I don’t they teach that anymore in schools, because it is more important to teach Human Sexuality to kindergartners.  She got me to assist in the cutting of the fabrics and this was done in the living room on the coffee table, as it was fair game and was an open space.  She has a regular sweat shop going, but since she is the only laborer, I guess she can get away with it, not to mention, that it is not done for a profit motive.

She has gone out of the house to mail her parcels of face masks to the family, and she has been spreading the news out to different circles of friends now, to make sure that they have face masks as well.  She will be sending out more shortly, and while they may not be trendy or chic, they are accomplishing what they are designed to do.  I think that it took longer for me to find a photograph of actors in face masks, then it does for her to make one.  Fear not, even though we cannot have dinner parties, birthday parties, holidays events, dinner club meetings, restaurants or wine tastings as mandated, we are still eating and drinking and there will be wines to be written up.  The food may be depleted before the wine is here, but the stories will continue, and I hope that everyone is trying to maintain safety and good health habits and we will all survive this, or we will all be living in a Warner Brother’s film from the Thirties.       

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1 Response to We’re Bank Robbers

  1. Hahaha Yes, we are all bank robbers now 🙂 Your bride is amazing, and doing such a wonderful thing 🙂 I love that she found extra fabric from your curtains and kitchen nook. If I did that hubby would say, if you wanted new curtains all you would have to do is get them. You didn’t have to cut these up haha 🙂

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