Ricossa Antica Casa

As much as I enjoy wine and everything that goes with it, there are times when I can not attend everything that I would like.  At Fine Wine Source they were advertising that they were having a wine tasting with representation from Ricossa Antica Casa, but alas I could not attend.  I was fortunate though that they had a great representation from the winery.  Since the late 1800’s what started as a small provincial distillery became an international brand.  They are now owned by MGM Mondo del Vino.  They are located on the outskirts of Asti in the Piedmont and they are well respected for their Barolo and Barbera wines.

The first wine that I tried from Ricossa Antica Casa was their Gavi DOCG 2017.   Gavi or Cortese de Gavi is from the southernmost part of the Piedmont and is the premier white wine of the region, and it was allowed the DOCG designation in 1998.  The Cortese grape is indigenous to the region and it allows the terroir to be delivered.  It had a nice floral nose, that was very tasty, it was crisp, with wonderful acidity and allowing the flint of the terroir to be totally appreciated and I found it very easy to drink and would be great with fish or seafood.

I then tried Ricossa Antica Casa Barbera Apassimento 2016.  The winery is well respected for their Barbera wines and in 2014 was the first year that they tried an Apassimento method to some of the Barbera wine.  The fruit for this wine was handpicked and laid on racks to dry in a temperature-controlled room with fans for ventilation for a period of four to six weeks.  Maceration of the grapes on the skin lasted for ten to twelve days in Stainless Steel vats.  The wine is then aged in Stainless Steel for eight months with two additional months in the bottle before being released.   This wine had a nose of dark fruits, with a nice dark ruby color with a long enjoyable finish with traces of chocolate.

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3 Responses to Ricossa Antica Casa

  1. There is a lot of labour in that bottle of wine. I would have had no idea 🙂 thank you 🙂

  2. mukulmanku says:

    Interesting read about Barbera.

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