Two Great Reds

The other day I decided to go to another wine tasting, I only go if I am free. You would think that since I always write about wines that I would center my life around wine events, but that is not the case. Most of the time I prefer having wine with friends over dinner. I find that some wine events are too pretentious for me, as I guess that I have been enjoying them for so many decades that the novelty wore off years ago. I also get annoyed when I see people preening and posing with stemware, as for me it is what is in the glass that counts and not who I can impress, not that I cannot discuss different wines and vintages.

I went to a wine shop that I enjoy near me, since they now have new owners and the wine tasting bar is the center of attention. I have found that D. Vine Wine is a relaxing way to go for an evening. They have a lecture about the wines from a gentleman that makes me a teenager compared to his years of wine experience. Also, the crowd that usually attends the tasting night are far from poseurs. Between the talks and the questions from the crowd, it makes for an interesting couple of hours and the wines are much better since the new owners. I have also enjoyed getting there a little early, as you never know what may be poured for the guests to get them in the mood, not that they need any prodding, but it is a great touch.

I got a chance to try two wines that I was not even aware of, which isn’t that difficult considering all the wineries that are out there and more it seems each year. The first pour that I had was Ferrari-Carano Prevail Back Forty 2011 from the Alexander Valley. Ferrari-Carano is a winery that I am well aware of, in their popular priced offerings, but this was far superior to their wines that I usually encounter when we are out for dinner. This is a mountain vineyard and they have added some Syrah and Cabernet Franc to the Cabernet Sauvignon wine and it is aged in a mix of Hungarian and French Oak, with some being older barrels. It was a great wine to start the evening off right and the next wine, I wasn’t even aware of, or maybe I just glance over it while reading about wines in the periodicals either from the post or on-line. Vice Versa Wine Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2015 was excellent. I wish all Cabernet Sauvignon wines could taste this good. Vice Versa Wine makes use of several different vineyards and this wine is their base wine and is a blend of fruits from Oakville, Saint Helena, Pritchard Hill and Napa Valley. There were only 250 cases of this wine produced, which is a shame, as most people will never get a chance to try it, and I guess that I was just lucky. Needless to say, I was all primed for the actual tasting event.

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