Was this a Chard?

After leaving the bar we all slowly ambled off to the private dining room for the evening. There would be awards to be given for the assorted golf achievements. There would special accolades for the guest speakers and a good time to be enjoyed for all, and a special treat for the spouses that attended as well, and I was part of that esteemed group. Somebody described me as “gregarious” to my Bride and I guess that she had to agree, as she relayed the information to me. I mean what does a Raconteur do at a table, but relate humorous moments to keep people smiling, after all now one is always on business.

As we were walking into the room, I got a bit sidetracked, as is my wont and noticed that they next room over was set up either for a wedding or to display what could be done at the hotel for a wedding. Those days are past for us and our children are all married, so we can just go with the flow. What caught my attention was two tables set up with empty wine bottles with new labels affixed that were labeled 1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years and 10 Years with a slender pad of writing paper on the tray with the bottles and some pens to write well wishes to the new couple and then the notes are to be placed in the bottle to be read on the corresponding anniversary. I had never seen that before and I thought it was cute and a novel idea.

After I found my Bride and sat down for dinner we were brought out fresh baked rolls, and a special garden salad. The entrée that evening was a plate of salmon and a chicken breast with appropriate sauce, potatoes and a vegetable, followed by a dessert. Just a classic dinner for a large group. There was a large bar area set off on one side of the room with an assortment of fine liquors and liqueurs, an assortment of beers and of course a mix of wines. Of course, I had to brave the wines for that is what I do, but I wish sometimes that the wine selection could be put up a notch or two, at least comparable to the liquors being served. The wines were a mixed offering of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay all by La Terre and all were California and non-vintage. I was stumped that I could not even find any information on this wine other than it is very popular for catering and restaurants as a house brand, because it is priced very affordably. It could see where it could be popular, as it was the sweetest Chardonnay that I have ever had and to us it was a bit disconcerting, but since we had enjoyed some wine earlier, we really did not have to indulge, though I did watch as many were getting refills, so maybe it was me and I am trying not to be snarky, I really am.

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