Boyne Highlands

We arrived at Boyne Highlands which is near the top of mitten, if you look at the Lower Peninsula of Michigan that way. Boyne Highlands is a year-round resort, with skiing in the winter and golf in the summer. We were up there for a board meeting and conference, well at least my Bride was. I was going to relax and enjoy the grounds, except that the day for that it was a continuous rain, though not as bad as other parts of the state had. The resort was under some construction as they had a fire in the main lodge where we were staying, and while you could still smell smoke in the front halls, you could not detect it in the rooms and suites. The only bad thing was that the hall that connected the wing where our rooms were to the main lobby was closed for reconstruction, and I am glad that at the last minute as we were leaving our house I decided to grab an umbrella. “Be prepared” was the Boy Scout motto and we were.

The breakfasts and lunches that we had were in the main dining room and they were all buffet style with extra islands set up for some special requests, and there was a theme to the meals. The dinner was going to be under a large pavilion on the grounds and then there was going to be Zip Line rides afterwards, but the weather was not conducive, and we ended up in another room for dinner and it was set up as a buffet as well, but it was only for the group. First, they set up an appetizer table of hot and cold choices. Then the main buffet was set up with an assortment of salads, potatoes and vegetables, fish and chicken. Afterwards they set up an island for sundaes and nobody went hungry.

The bar that was set up had an assortment of beers and soft drinks. There was also a large assortment of liquors for mixed drinks with some fine labels that I saw. The wines were all from Canyon Road Winery of Modesto, California. They were serving Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc all with the vintage year of 2015. Canyon Road Winery uses the California AVA designation as the fruit is harvested across the state and they make decent popular priced wines that are not intended for cellaring, but to be drank immediately, and there is a major market for wines of this nature. It is the type of wine that many places use as their “house” wines and catering companies use it, as it is dependable and safe, and there will be no complaints. The meetings and the meals were considered a success and everyone left quite happy for the little get-away. The meetings and the meals were considered a success and everyone left quite happy for the little get-away.

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