A Retirement Party

Lately there have been plenty of retirement parties, so I guess I am getting to the age when I am aware of more of these. When one starts out on a career, no matter how many curves there may be in the road, retirement seems so far in the distance. I only knew of one fellow that spent his entire career plotting out his retirement and more power to him, for the rest of us, it is something we think of, make some investments and hope for the best. I was recently invited to another retirement party for a woman that my Bride has worked with, off and on, longer than either would really like to admit.

The party was held after a meeting that they were attending and then the party was going to be after the meeting and on company time, not a bad gig, if it can happen. The party was being held at Beans & Cornbread, a restaurant that has a private dining room on the side, and the menu would work for a myriad of people that have different food restrictions. When the partiers got there, they immediately began rearranging the tables and chairs, as the set-up was much too confining with no elbow room, and then it was much more comfortable. The meal was a buffet style with an assortment of foods. There was salads, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, corn bread, salmon croquettes and fried chicken. Afterwards there was a large sheet cake with the appropriate verbiage extolling the well-wishes of everyone there.

I probably would not have mentioned this party, except that I misjudged traffic and I got to the restaurant with plenty of time to spare, as they were all at their meeting. Since most of the people were going back to work, it would have been a “dry” party. I decided to go the bar of the restaurant and wait and I ordered a glass of wine. The wine list was short and sweet, as I expect that this venue does more in the way of beer and mixed drinks. After I ascertained that I could take my glass to the other room, I ordered, and immediately asked for my tab, as I did not want to charge the price of a drink to the party, since the others were not drinking, and that would have been rude and obnoxious on my part. I had a glass of Philip Schell PSH Malbec 2015 from Mendoza, Argentina. I had never seen this wine before and figured that it would be the safest of the wines offered and how bad can a Malbec from Argentina be? It was a good basic wine and after it opened up a bit more in the glass it was fine, perhaps a bit overpowering for the food, but I did not know the menu before-hand. Mendoza produces about seventy percent of all the wine in Argentina and Malbec accounts for almost a half of all of Mendoza, so the varietal is very important to the area. As most of the participants went back to work, I had a chance to drive home and ponder the closeness of our own retirements, as it is getting closer.

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