Some New Wines

It has been a rather hectic week, and I saw that I was has having a shipment of wine delivered from my wine club A Taste of Monterey.  Of course, I forgot to mention it. Believe it or not, but I was working that day, and my Bride was watching television. Whatever show, she was watching, it was in a home, and the doorbell rang, and she thought it was part of the show. It then dawned on her, since the characters were not answering the door bell, that it was ours and she went to the front door and was greeted by the UPS delivery person, who had little personality and he announced “alcohol.” She answered the door with a glass of wine in hand and responded “yes,” before she realized that she had to sign for the delivery. She signed for the delivery and went back to here program. I eventually got home and discovered the package and I was extremely pleased.

The first bottle that I picked from the package was Joullian Roger Rose Chardonnay 2015. Joullian Vineyards was created by the Joullian and Sias families of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have their 2014 vintage, that I have not tried, so I shall have to try that one first. They use French Oak barrels that have been cured for three years before usage to minimize the oak flavor and they use multiple Burgundy yeast strains for their Chardonnay wines. The wines carry the Arroyo Seco AVA and I believe this is the last year for the Joullian Vineyards control as they have been bought by another company, who pledges to maintain their winemaking techniques. There were one-hundred-seventy-five case produced of this wine and the aging potential is five to six years.

The second wine that I unpacked was the Tudor The Highlands Project Pinot Noir 2013 from the Santa Lucia Highlands. Over the years this has become one of my favorite Pinot Noir wines. So far, we have not received a clunker from Tudor and I look forward to trying this wine. They produced one-thousand cases of this wine and the aging potential is six to seven years. We shall see, if I can wait that long.

The last wine that I unpacked may be the most interesting. The Scheid Vineyards Reserve Claret 2011 carries a Monterey AVA. This wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec and is source from the Hames Valley Vineyard and the San Lucas Vineyard. Each varietal was aged in a mix of French and American small barrels individually for thirty-four months before blending. After the blending, it was allowed to age an additional twenty-six months in the bottle before release. There were five-hundred-fifty cases produced and the aging potential for this wine is eight to ten years, and from the sound of it, it may even be longer. I think that I have three great wines to look forward to enjoying.

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4 Responses to Some New Wines

  1. As a Monterey transplant, my heart warmed to see this post! Joullian was my favorite boutique winery on the peninsula. I’m sorry to hear it’s been bought out and we’ll see what happens. Scheid is also marvelous. Did you know they are a traded company? More than 1 way to own wine! Enjoy your delivery!

    • Thank you for the extra knowledge about the wineries. I have enjoyed drinking wines from the Monterey region for years and still finding new ones to get excited about. Thank you again for stopping by. – John

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