The Out of Towners

Our family in Louisville came up for a family function and I was playing phone tag with my Bride about when we could all get together. The question was whether my Bride should wait for me or if I should meet her at the hotel that they were staying at. I was running a bit late and I had to cross town, so I told her to meet them early and spend some time and I would have a bit to eat with them, depending on the time that they actually got to the restaurant. With their traffic and unloading of the vehicles and the traffic I encountered they had just arrived a few moments before me and they had ordered a bottle of wine, but were only studying the menu when I got there.

We were all meeting at Sweet Lorraine’s Cafe & Bar which is very close to our house and it has been a place that I go back to years ago, at their original location when I was in college. It was only a couple of days earlier that I had read in the paper that they were closing the original location and were going to focus on the restaurant at the hotel. Back in the day,  the restaurant made a big splash, because they were similar to Alice Water’s place in San Francisco. They were very avant-garde with the dishes and they are still offering dishes that have a little nuance that is not encountered in the regular eateries. The other great thing is that one never leaves hungry. I had made it a point to have a late lunch, just in case I would have arrived late to see them, and so did my Bride, so while everyone else was having a full dinner, we just shared an order of Steak Fajitas that was ample for us to share.

My Brother-in-Law selected a fine bottle of wine that would pair with the entrée dishes that were ordered. We had the Ramon Bilbao Crianza 2013 that was pure Tempranillo. Ramon Bilbao was established in the Rioja Alto back in 1924 and they are firmly ensconced in the region making quality wines. This particular bottle was a Crianza which by law in Spain requires a minimum of twelve months in oak and then another twelve months in bottle before being released. The barrels as they are aging are selected for different grades of each vintage. This was such a smooth and appealing bottle that the first bottle evaporated and we had to enjoy a second bottle during dinner. It is always good to see the Louisville clan and we would see them one more time on this abbreviated trip.

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