Two Wine Days

It seems that there are always new “holidays” to celebrate especially when one follows Social Media. Of course, for some reason my radar goes up when there is a wine celebratory day. In the past I have tried to write about some of the days, and then some months have even been designated for wines. That is a lot of celebrating.

May 25’th has been designated as National Wine Day. I don’t know about you, but to me, almost every day is a wine day for me. Some days when we are home, I may not have a glass of wine, because of a project that I am doing, but if we are out, then I am always game for a glass of wine, unless the food calls for a Margarita or if the wine list is so poor, then a Whiskey Sour is my normal selection. Out of the fifty states in this great nation, I have only had the pleasure of enjoying wine from nine states so far, which is not a high percentage, but the odds of finding wine from most states is rather slim, but I keep looking. As for the type of wines, I am quite open and I will try most wines at least once and God himself knows that I have tried some wines that I may never write an article about, because I have no desire to be negative about the endeavors of other’s toils.

May 26’th is Languedoc Day and this is a new “holiday” for me. It also strikes me as opportune as I had just written about a wine tasting from this area in France. Way back in the ‘60’s when I was first learning about wines, there were actually a few wines that were available, and I checked my two oldest handbooks that I had bought back then, one mentioned the Languedoc and the other did not. During those days, the Languedoc was and is probably still the largest wine producing area in France, but mostly what is known as table wine. Some of the better areas in the region used to have an emblem of a hand holding a wine glass with VDQS. When I was first starting out these wines could be purchased in wine shops for around two dollars, but for three to five dollars one could buy a wine from the Medoc, so unless there was a distinct curiosity to try the wines, they were often eschewed. The region has since become more saleable and palatable for most and it is not that uncommon to see wines from the area, even on a restaurant wine carte. During the wine tasting that I recently attended, the winemaker Christine Bertoli mentioned that the Languedoc region is something akin to the old “wild west” of America, as it is the laboratory for France, because the wineries are not bound by traditions and rules about winemaking, so that there is experimenting going on. Wine can evolve and here is to everyone enjoying maybe an extra glass of wine in honor of these days.

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3 Responses to Two Wine Days

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  2. mimi says:

    Very interesting! My sister and husband bought a house in Olonzac, in Languedoc, many years ago. I never knew anything good about the wine of that region. Now I’m seeing it more and more. Bravo for them!

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