The Finale

Continuing the theme of music concerning the wines of Domaine Sainte Cecile du Parc we have the finale of the evening. Since Sainte Cecile is the Patron Saint of Music, it is only proper. The wine tasting at D.vine Fine Wines in Livonia was packed, in fact it was Standing Room Only, and the management brought in an additional table from one of the nearby restaurants. It seems that a Social Media group had selected the venue for one of their meetings for its members to enjoy the wine tasting. The only grumblings were not about the wines, but that they were expecting cheese with the tasting and there was none to be seen.

The penultimate wine for the evening was Domaine Sainte Cecile du Parc Sonatina 2012 which had the AOC Coteaux du Languedoc Pezenas. A Sonatina is a short sonata, which definitely carried on the theme of the winery. This wine was a blend of seventy-five percent Syrah and the balance was Cinsault, and the vines on the estate for these grapes were about thirty-six years old. This wine was aged for twelve months in French Oak and it was very mellow with nice heavy legs. I think that the Cinsault evened out the Syrah and I think that this would be a great dinner wine, and talking with some others, this is where they were going to invest heavily into their purchase.

The final wine of the evening did not carry the musical motif, but rather it was heralding the wedded bliss of the owners. This was the first vintage of Domaine Sainte Cecile du Parc Mouton Bertoli 2011, which is going to be their flagship wine. This wine is sixty-five percent Cabernet Franc and the balance is Syrah and it was delightful. This wine carries the IGP Pays de Caux of the Languedoc-Roussillon. This wine was aged for twenty-four months in French Oak and there were two-thousand bottles produced. For the coda of the evening I ended up ordering the Cabernet Franc wines and my Bride will enjoy the selections as much as I did.

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