Taste of Summer

Ms. Yoga and her brother then met us at Fleming’s Steak House. I left them at the wine bar, to finish their drinks and I walked over to make sure that we could get a table, especially because there was the potential of others joining us for dinner, but they did not show up. We were going to go and enjoy the 5 6 7 promotion and it had to be in the bar only. I have mentioned this promotion before, because I thought it was great, there were five cocktails, five glasses of wine and five small plates of food, plus the burger for six dollars, and it went on from five to seven in the evening. We have used this special many times in the past, for a quick meal before catching a movie or some other venue.

Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

I had anticipated a crowd, like in the past, where there was Standing Room Only in the bar, because of this promotion, so I went before they opened to stand in line. The bar was empty and quiet, so I proceeded to grab a couple of tables in the back of the bar, with some extra people to join us, by the time we found out that they were not going to join us, there was still booths available for us to be more comfortable. I found out that the menu for the special had changed and there were only some items available for the five dollars, and even the burger was now eight dollars, which is still a bargain to me, for the quality, even though they now serve French Fries instead of battered onion rings. Evidently the other people that used to take advantage of the special have gone elsewhere, because it was a Friday night and the bar was dead. If it stays like that, I am sure that the administration will have to come up with some new promotion or go back and use the original as a loss leader.

Complicated Chardonnay 2014

Though I did remember to inquire about the “100 Wines of Summer” that I had received in an email from them and asked how that worked. I really did not read the email that closely. It turns out that each day, they would offer two one ounce pours of the hundred bottles of wine that they offer by the glass, and that that the two tastes were complimentary, if one asked about them. I am glad that I did. The first wine that I tasted was Complicated Chardonnay 2014 from the Taken Wine Company. Taken Wine Company was started by Carlo Trinchero and Josh Phelps, both sons of very successful wine families. The wine is from the Sonoma Coast and it was most enjoyable. The second tasting was Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 from Justin Winery. The wine was aged for fourteen months in oak and carries the appellation of Paso Robles in the Central Coast of California. Paso Robles was for the longest time the largest AVA in California that did not have any sub-AVA designations, but this all changed in 2014, so it shall be interesting to see how the wineries will label their future wines. I will say that both of these complimentary tastings were very good and were an excellent bonus for the night.

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