Wine at California Pizza

I will let you into a poorly kept secret, that is, I like wines, and I tend to look for them where ever we go. I also like to eat, and if one follows my writings even periodically, you will have figured out that both are true. Of course, and if you ask my Bride she will concur, that I am a pain in the arse when it comes to eating. She is much more egalitarian when it comes to food, now let me explain that she enjoys good food, but she is much more willing to try popular food venues then I will. When she goes out with her friends, they go to many more places than I will. She has favorite dishes in all sorts of assorted restaurants, and when she finds a dish that she is happy with, she will keep ordering the same dish and for the most part, she is just as happy each time. We were going out to the cinema to see a film, and it was located in a shopping mall, which is quite common in today’s world. This also allowed her a chance to do some shopping, which she very much enjoys.

Belleruche Cotes du Rhone 2014

After the shopping and before the film, we went to California Pizza, a restaurant in the complex, because she had some gift cards that she wanted to use. Now you have to realize that California and Pizza do not jive in my mind as a good blend. I have enjoyed some spectacular meals in California; in fact the finest meal that I may ever have eaten was in California. I think of California as being more Avant garde and well Pizza should come from a place called Vince’s or Sammy’s. I like the good old pizzas that I grew up with, and they should not be frou-frou. Be that as it may, my Bride ordered her Chinese Chicken Salad, which consisted of Napa and red cabbage, lettuce, chicken and wontons tossed with scallions, sesame seeds and Hoison ginger vinaigrette. I found a dish that I thought I would try called Jambalaya Fettuccine, as it has been some time since we had visited New Orleans and this dish had blackened chicken, shrimp, crawfish, Andouille sausage and Tasso ham in a spicy Cajun sauce. I was happy with my selection, it was better than I expected, though not in the league of what I would savor in the French Quarter.

Coppola Rosso & Bianco Pinot Grigio 2013

Now I shall explain my poorly kept secret, that I like wine. I always look for wine; it has become the beverage of choice for me with my meals. I also expect to find a wine that will compliment my entrée, and since most restaurants are not three and four star rated, I do not think that I need even a Fifth Growth wine, even though one would think that we Bloggers only drink premium wines. We pay for our meals and for our wines, so that is why I have such an eclectic mix of wines that I write about. We enjoyed some wine with our meals, and the first wine that we had was Coppola Rosso & Bianco Pinot Grigio 2013. This is a wine from Francis Ford Coppola’s wine holdings and is a California designated wine, so that means the grapes can come from almost any part of the state. The other thing about this wine is that it is 84% Pinot Grigio and the balance is Sauvignon Blanc. It was just a nice refreshing glass of wine, with no pretense, but was just what we needed to start the meal off with. Then we had some Belleruche Cotes du Rhone 2014 from M. Chapoutier. A Cote du Rhone wine is one of my “go to“ wines when I get the chance to have one, as most are not sexy, but dependable. This particular wine which was of Grenache and Syrah, had fruit that was harvested from four distinct parcels of land, and for its reasonable price was very good and made me think of a Rhone wine. So no matter where I venture to, I try to find a glass of wine to enjoy.

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