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The other day I had met some people and received some good news and I was on my way home, when I felt hungry. This was not an unusual occurrence, as I seem to have the capacity to always have a bite to eat, but I am not a fast food burger or sandwich type of guy. As I was driving, I was trying to run through some options and then I remembered being touted about an Italian restaurant called Johnny Carino’s and years ago my Bride and I had stopped and had dinner at the location in Commerce. I really could not recall much about it, but since I was in the Allen Park area, I thought why not try them again. Now I realize that I am not a fan of chains, something that I have mentioned often, but I was by myself, and I felt like having something more nourishing.

Banfi San Angelo Pinot Grigio Toscana IGT 2012

Johnny Carino’s as restaurants go, is not a large chain as they have around a hundred restaurants world-wide, and according to the business card that I picked up, there were four locations in Michigan. I am not partial to dining alone, and I am never sure, of the treatment that I will get taking up a table by myself, but this was not a problem, and they made me feel very comfortable. My server was very gracious and professional and took care of me, as if I was treating a party of ten. I had their fresh baked bread with a plate of spiced olive oil, as I waited for my order to arrive. I had an order of their Chicken Scaloppini, which was had a twist to the order, as it was a sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms, roma tomatoes, bacon and a lemon butter sauce over a bed of spaghetti. It was better than I had expected.

MI Johnny Carino's BC

As always I feel sorry for my any of my servers, because if I having just a glass of wine, I always request to see the bottle, so that I may photograph it, as I will not be taking the bottle home to soak off the label, and she took my request with out any questions or hesitations. I was enjoying a glass of Banfi San Angelo Pinot Grigio Toscana IGT 2012. I have to admit that I enjoy Pinot Grigio on a summer day as it is light and chilled. Banfi is a large winery and the wine was from Tuscany and carried an IGT designation as it is not the usual varietal that is of Tuscan greatness. One thinks of Toscana IGT to denote an Italian-Bordeaux style wine and this was neither. After all the Toscana IGT came about because of the Bolgheri Sassicaia wine that started the whole concept of Super Tuscan wines and now they have their own DOC. This was just the perfect glass of wine that was simple and did not try to compete with my enjoyable lunch, and even though Johnny Carino’s is a chain restaurant, I won’t hesitate to stop there again.

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  1. IGT Italia is going to take over the world soon! You’ll see! 🙂

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