The Caller at Tuscan Bistro

After spending a couple of days at a Board Meeting with my Bride, along with The Caller and his wife, not to mention a whirl-wind couple of hours trying wines at assorted wineries, we went home. The Caller had other plans and made a long weekend with his wife in Traverse City, and of course he had to regale me at least once while he was having a good time.

Costa di Bussia Barbera D'Alba DOC 2013

After having two meals in a row with The Fusion, I guess he was ready for a change in his diet. They went to Tuscan Bistro in Traverse City and spent the weekend in that city, which is a wonderful resort area. Tuscan Bistro, while I have never had the chance to dine there, is one of The Caller’s favorite places in the city. While he did not give me his menu choices for the evening, I can picture him taking advantage of the Raw Bar, or some of the other appetizers that they have listed. I can also picture both of them enjoying one or more of the steaks off the menu.

The Seven Deadly Zins 2012

What he did share with me was the wines that they were having for dinner that night. One of the wines that they he mentioned were from the Michael David Winery of Lodi, and I have always smiled when I see the name of the wine; The Seven Deadly Zins 2012. Of course this is made from Zinfandel, one of the most popular varietals of California and some refer to it as America’s grape. The Zinfandel has been proven to be the same grape that is known as Primitivo in Italy, and the funny thing is that some of the Italian wineries now call their grape Zinfandel, while some of the California wineries are now calling their wine Primitivo; I guess it is all in the marketing strategy of the firms. In keeping with the theme of the restaurant they also enjoyed a bottle of Costa Di Bussia Barbera D’Alba DOC 2013. This region in the Piedmonte is very popular and it lies along the border of another great wine area of Barolo. To keep the DOC for Barbera D’Alba the wine must be at least eighty-five percent Barbera and the balance can be of Nebbiolo and/or Dolcetto. This is considered more of a masculine wine when compared to the similar sounding region of Barbera D’Asti. All I can say is that they had a grand time without us, and a fine meal to boot. There will be another time for us to get together.

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