A Second Night in Columbus, Ohio

It was a day of logistics to get all the cousins and their parents coordinated, so they could go off for a day trip to the National Museum of the United States Air Force located at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, while my Bride and I had our own day trip. We all met again in the evening at the hotel, so that the fourteen of us could attempt to have dinner again as a unit. We were not sure what to expect, and we even started attempting to figure out seating for different groupings, but the God’s were accommodating and we were able to get another table for fourteen with out much of a delay.

La Vite Lucente Toscana 2011

Since the area that we were staying in was very nice, we saw an Italian restaurant, and decided that we should all go there. I had a few ideas, but with six children among us, a couple of the restaurants were very iffy, so we adjusted our expectations. We ended up going to Marcella’s Italian Kitchen in the Polaris Parkway area of Columbus. We chose well, as Marcella’s is another restaurant under the umbrella of Cameron Mitchell, the restraunteur extraordinaire of Columbus. We have dined at, and I have written about other Cameron Mitchell restaurants and I am sure that I will be at others as well, as he does an excellent job in his chosen profession. Suffice it to say that we had one long table covered with plates of food, from appetizers on up. My Bride had a Shellfish Risotto with Lobster and Shrimp, while I went with a classic Veal Marsala, as a side note I thoroughly enjoy veal, but we have never tried preparing it at home, so it is always a treat. The restaurant did a wonderful job and none of the children even got restless, and they all ate what they had ordered, so life was beyond good.

Talbott Logan Pinot Noir 2010

Prior to going out for dinner, a couple of us got together at our suite, and we enjoyed a bottle of Talbott Logan Pinot Noir 2010 from the Sleepy Hollow Vineyard in Santa Lucia Highlands. The Talbott winery has always held a place close to my heart, as Rob Talbott is the heir of the Talbott Clothing Company of Carmel, famous for their neckwear and accessories that I had sold for years in other lives. The Logan designation is named for one of his children, just in case you had some curiosity about it. As for our wine with our dinner at the restaurant we enjoyed a couple of bottles of La Vite Lucente Toscana IGT 2011. This is the second wine from the Luce wines, hence “Lucente” and it is from Tuscany, but it is a blend of Merlot and Sangiovese, and not an appellation driven wine. This wine was aged for twelve months in barrels and is a joint venture of Merchesi De’ Frescobaldi and the Robert Mondavi Families. A deep purple wine that paired with the Italian cuisine and everyone enjoyed it.

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