Cantina Laredo

We had arrived in Columbus earlier then the other members of the family that were meeting us, which was fine. My daughter had went and challenged me to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, and I figured since I had to do it within twenty-four hours, that I would record the event, when I got to the hotel. The hotel had an indoor swimming pool and a hot tub area, so I figured that would be the best place to do it, and I would only have to worry about the swimsuit drying, before our return trip, and I would not have to have soaking wet clothes from the endeavor. The hot tub area was being used by a family and they watched with glee, as I went through being recorded by my Bride. So I used the pool instead and the water in the pool was cool enough that the ice wasn’t as traumatic as I had expected, because I had warned my daughter on film, that if I had a coronary, she was going to be cut out of the will. She is safe for the moment.

Brancott Estates Sauvignon Blanc 2013

We got back to the room and changed for dinner, and by that time the other two parties had arrived and we started to make plans for dinner. There was a very nice indoor/outdoor mall across the road from the hotel and we went over to a restaurant and made a reservation at a famous national chain that is known for their extensive menu and a decent wine list and booked a table for fourteen. We were told about an hour wait and they gave me a beeper, and everyone went off shopping. After an hour I went back to see how our reservation was going and I was told that I was only gone for twenty minutes and that it would be at least an hour and half longer wait; and that was not good news since eight of the attendees for dinner were children. We saw another restaurant in the complex Cantina Laredo, which advertised “Modern Mexican” and we inquired about a table for fourteen and that had us taken care of, by the time I got back from returning the beeper that I returned to the first restaurant. Needless to say this restaurant was eager to please and a table for fourteen would produce a nice dinner tab when all was over. The table was overflowing with food, as we had several different appetizers ordered for sharing and then fourteen entrée plates that ended up being shared as well. In fact, because after some cocktails we tried ordering a French rose wine, since the weather was hot and humid and a rose sounded good, but they were out. To make it up to us, the restaurant sent some additional appetizers to the table, so there was plenty to eat.

OH Cantina Laredo BC

As I said the weather was hot and humid, so we were looking for something refreshing to have in the way of wine for dinner. Since the French Rose was a no-go, we chose Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2013. I was surprised to see on the label “the original Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc” and knew that it would require some more research. Sauvignon Blanc is the varietal that is famous in New Zealand, and Marlborough is the largest area for viticulture in New Zealand. Wine growing was introduced about a hundred years ago, but it was only in the 1970’s that it was grown in a commercial style. In fact for years the Muller-Thurgau was planted and it was pulled and Sauvignon Blanc was replanted and it has thrived in that climate, though there are mixed reviews by some about the quality of some of the wines. It turns out that Brancott Estate was originally Montana and they were the first to grow Sauvignon Blanc successfully as a vineyard, so I guess they can rightfully claim the statement. The initial taste for everyone was grapefruit, but as the wine warmed and breathed a bit, it mellowed out and seemed to be a nice pairing with the spicy foods that were ordered, and the night ended up good from a shaky start.

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