A Double Dose of Shiraz

There was a fine restaurant in Michigan called Shiraz that we tried back in the day. It was part of a chain of restaurants under the umbrella of a chef and each restaurant had its own menu and ambience. So if one was not aware of it, there was no feeling of being in a cookie-cutter style of restaurant, which is a good thing. Some chains have it down to a science, but once you have been to one, the experience will be the same whether in Michigan or in Florida, unless the waitperson makes it more or less memorable.

Rosemount Estate Shiraz 2000
Shiraz the restaurant was not a large restaurant, but it was I felt, just the right size for a steak house. It did not overpower and the tables were not crowded, which is something I like when dining out. We started out with a couple of appetizers, one was a fancy mushroom dish, and the other was a shrimp presentation. Then we had a salad, my Bride tried the Caesar Salad, and I just ordered a house salad, as regular readers know my Bride makes the best Caesar Salad from scratch and I just don’t want to compare any others to hers. Even though this was a steak house and my Bride ordered a petite filet, I ordered the Braised Short Ribs as this is a dish I truly enjoy and tend to order whenever I get the chance; as it is a dish we have never tried making at home and perhaps one day we may, but that is the fun of dining out, getting something different. We ordered a couple of side dishes as most steak houses have everything a la carte. We finished off the evening with a Chocolate Bombe that we shared.

MI Shiraz MB
I thought it would be, oh, so clever to order a Shiraz wine at Shiraz. I am sure that many others had the same idea. Shiraz the varietal is genetically the same grape as the Syrah, but the Shiraz took hold in Australia as well as some other parts of the New World as opposed to Syrah from the Cotes du Rhone. This is a grape that I have enjoyed for years, mostly in the Rhone blends and I believe this may have been one of my first pure Shiraz/Syrah wines so I went with a popular wine. We had a Rosemount Estate Shiraz 2000 from South Eastern Australia which is a huge designation or region. I have to say that there was not a lot of artistry to the wine, but it was firm and full bodied and held its own against our beef dishes.

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