Willkommen is the opening song in the play Cabaret, and it is the theme of Frankenmuth, Michigan.  We are talking about a town that is a great place for everyone to visit at least once for the Bavarian charm and it can also cause panic in the hearts of most husbands at the same time.  My Bride has gone to many a business function in Frankenmuth and has returned with the trunk of the sedan filled with new Christmas decorations from the largest Christmas store in the world, which is BRONNER’S CHRISTmas STORE.  I feel that my Bride has shopped there so much, that I would not be surprised if Bronner’s has been painted on our rooftop for the air traffic to observe.  I don’t think that there is a holiday that my Bride doesn’t have some decorations for, at least as a centerpiece for our dining room table, but Christmas, she pulls out all of the stops.  You can hear me griping merrily as I lug all the cartons of decorations from the Christmas closet the Sunday after Thanksgiving so that she may decorate the home.

 Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon 1998

On one business trip I recall I got a chance to drive out there and have dinner with one of her groups.  We ate at the legendary Zehnders of Frankenmuth.  The dinner was a casual dining adventure as we were in one of the private dining rooms of the restaurant.  It was a family style dinner of soup, Cole slaw, chicken liver pate, cheese spread, their famed fried chicken, Wiener schnitzel, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered egg noodles, vegetables and an assortment of desserts.  I have to admit that no one left the room hungry from the abundance of food.  The food was not Haute Cuisine but it was all comfort food and the servers could be relied upon to bring more of any of the items that were a big hit among the diners.

 MI Zehnders MB

In hindsight I wished that I had grabbed one of the many bottles of their proprietary house wines for a label, but I did not.  Several of the people were enjoying different beers which would be proper considering the setting and theme of the restaurant.  Then there was a group of us that were drinking Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon 1998.  At that time Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon wines were from the Alexander Valley District of Sonoma County and it was a good dependable wines.  Now they are located in the Monterey area and the wines are still very dependable, but with a different character.

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3 Responses to Willkommen

  1. dwdirwin says:

    We visited Frankenmuth while on a visit to my grandmother in MI when I was younger- thanks for the great trip down memory lane- of course, there was no wine involved for me as I was 12 🙂

  2. Would those egg noodles be called ‘spaetzle’? I make them as often as time allows and we always love them. Sounds like the best comfort food…

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