A Brunch in Louisville

The last morning in Louisville, Kentucky we had originally planned on leaving early in the morning in hopes of beating any Holiday traffic on our return trip.  Instead there was a brunch for us, so as they say “the best laid plans of mice and men…”  My Sister-in-Law made us a fine breakfast and it was quite a spread.  She had invited one of her friends to show up as well, as we had seen her at the Friday night affair, but could not attend the birthday party at the restaurant that we went to on Saturday.  She is such a good friend of theirs, that she had attended my Sister-In-Law’s fortieth birthday party, that I had written about and mentioned a couple of times.

Chateau Lamy Millesime 2011

She brought some wine that she was excited about for everyone to try.  She claimed it was her new table red that she was enjoying and that it was so affordable, that it could be an everyday wine.  Naturally everyone’s ears perked up when that was mentioned.  The wine was Chateau Lamy Millesime Corbieres 2011.  It is a red “Rhone” blend, which is usually a blend of Grenache, Mourvedre or Cinsaut, and may have other lesser varietals as well.  The wine has the Apellation Controlee of Corbieres which covers just less then fifty percent of the Languedoc Rousillon area of France, and this area quenches a large percentage of the French tables.  I am not sure if it would be my everyday “go to” wine, as it was a bit sweeter than I prefer, but it was a nicely balance wine and went well with our brunch.  As I was drinking it, I even thought that it might not be a bad wine for Thanksgiving to pair with a turkey dinner.  As we finished up with coffee and bid adieu to Louisville, we looked forward to the five to six hour drive home.

JAT JATT Louisville 2013

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2 Responses to A Brunch in Louisville

  1. Interesting–I also like a red with my Turkey dinner. Our overall meal is just too “meaty” to pair well with the generally-recommended white.

    I’m generally a fan of Rhone, also. And affordable is always a nice idea. I’ll look around for this. Thanks for the tip.

    • Tracy,
      You are very welcome, and it is funny how when I am tasting a wine, other foods may come to my mind that will pair with the wine that I am drinking at the moment. I do agree that a softer red is great with turkey, just like I adore a Pinot Noir with a duck dish.
      – John

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