El Barzon in Detroit, Michigan

Just a little Northeast of where I grew up is a very unique restaurant that just packs them in.  I say unique because of the culinary offering; one side of the menu is true Mexican food and the other side of the menu is classic Italian food.  This comes about because the chef and his wife are Mexican, but he spent eight years as a chef at Il Posto Ristorante that I have talked about before.

MI El Barzon BC

While this may sound schizophrenic, I have friends that rave about each side of the menu, and they travel from all over the Metro Detroit area to go this restaurant in Detroit.  In fact, for a year after they had opened my Bride and I had not gone there, and one of my friends kept telling me he was going to get me a gift certificate, if I delayed it any longer.  Since then we have been happy with our choices.  I remember that my Bride ordered a Grilled Sea Bass from the Italian side of the menu, because she knew that was I was going to order from the Mexican side of the menu, when she saw that they had Mole Poblano.  I know that I have stated before that I deem the quality and integrity of a Mexican restaurant by their having or not having a Mole dish on the menu.  Most restaurants do not, because they are catering to the American concept of Mexican food.  I can never get enough of the Mole sauce with its creamy smooth mixture of Mexican chocolate and hot spices; trust me if you have never had Mole sauce it is not sweet.

Tommasi Viticoltori Ripasso Valpolicella 2005

The restaurant has a very nice selection of wines that they have picked to pair with some of the dishes on the menu, and it is not the run of the mill choices that one usually finds.  To compliment the two diverse dishes I selected a Valpolicella wine that is made from the three grape varietals Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara.  It was a Tomassi Viticoltori “Ripasso” Valpolicella 2005.  This wine is known to have a light, but full bodied wine and since the Sea Bass was done in a Mediterranean flavor, I thought it would work there and with the Mole sauce.  Sometimes the wine decision may be the hardest part of selecting the dinner.  Thankfully it worked well with both and we left very happy.

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