Men’s Wear and Wine

There is a certain civility when one is attired properly, and in the world of Casual Fridays ad infinitum, part of that civility seems to have disappeared.  I am from that old school where decorum is still part of my life.  My Bride and I still dress for dinner, especially when we are on holidays, as that even makes the dinners more memorable.  I still find the look of impeccable dressing, a fine art, which has been lost.  Today a man may walk into many a chain store and be offered two different trousers in perhaps three colors, and three different tops in three colors, and perhaps sixty percent of the shoppers on any given day will have purchased the same outfit.  Where did the concept of individuality go?

Customer Gallery


This is just a segue about a clothing store that I encountered that offers quality clothing off the rack made in America, Canada and Italy, as well as the ability to get the finest in custom clothes and shirts, where the sky is the limit.  As you enter the store, you encounter a baby grand piano, and there are autographed pictures of titans of industry and noted coaches on the walls.  This is Manno Clothing and Tailoring, Inc. in Dearborn, Michigan.

Displays           Clothing Racks


Not only are you greeted gently as you enter the shop, but you are offered choices of beverages during your stay, as in bottled water, juice, soda pop or coffee.  As you start selecting new additions to your wardrobe, you and your spouse may be offered a choice of five different imported beers or a red or a white wine.  The wines offered are an eclectic mix, but that just adds to the shopping experience.  This is how shopping should be.  Not a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” encounter, but an easy soft sell, where the merchandise sells itself, and one can get quality service and intelligent and trained personnel to assist you in maintaining your individuality.  The next time you are interested in adding something new to your wardrobe and you are in the Detroit area, stop by Manno Clothing, and let them know that The Wine Raconteur recommended that you could do two pleasant activities at the same time.

Upper Wine Rack                  Lower Wine Rack

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  1. meRLouisT says:

    wine and fashion thats what its all about 🙂 My blog is new but will cover this subject. Check it out.

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