The Courthouse Grille in Plymouth, Michigan

I have mentioned before that I belong to a dinner club, and we meet once a month for our hobby and to socialize.  The club is over a hundred years old, and when I first became a member I was grouped for hosting with the eldest member at that time (I was the youngest member at that time, and our esteemed Secretary thought it would be a good combination) and our eldest member at that time had joined the club in 1928.  The club originally was held at member’s homes and dinner was served, well today most homes could not accommodate forty-four men for dinner, so we now meet a different venues picked out by the evening’s hosts, and this can be a challenge as most restaurants now a days, do not have a private room suitable for a group this size.

MI The Courthouse Grill Menu

This was our second venture to a relatively new restaurant called The Courthouse Grille.  The building has been several restaurants that I can remember, and at a later date, I may discuss some of the different establishments that were at the same building.  Today I will discuss The Courthouse Grille.  We were set up in a very nice side room with a fireplace that was a focal point of the room.  Our hosts for the evening had allowed us a choice of eight different dishes for an entrée.  The selection was varied with two beef choices, a veal dish, three different sea food choices, a chicken dish and one pasta dish.  There was something for everyone to enjoy.  The meal also had some excellent freshly baked dinner rolls with rosemary and there were plates of fresh butter slabs on the tables.  A garden salad of mixed greens and vegetables was also part of the meal, as well as a dessert.


What surprised me was the selection of wines by the glass that were offered, as there were twenty-nine different, when I went and look at the wine list.  Not too shabby, and a good selection was offered.  There were wines from Italy, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Chile as well as offerings from the United States (California, Washington and Michigan).  I also noticed a nice collection of wines by the bottle, beyond what was being served by the glass, and the bottle selection had about ninety bottles to choose from, which is a very good collection.  With many better wineries represented, which shows the restaurant had done their work, instead of leaving it to a wine salesman or two.  I also noticed that the wines were priced very reasonable for a restaurant, and I would call that a very wine friendly establishment.  My Bride and I will have to go there for an evening for further research.   I must extend kudos to the hosts for making the meeting all that much more enjoyable.

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2 Responses to The Courthouse Grille in Plymouth, Michigan

  1. Nice! Went to high school in Plymouth!

    • Well, you may remember this restaurant when it was Ernesto’s, with the casual pizzeria at the one end called Ernie’s. I believe you are younger than I am, but at one time this restaurant was also called the Hillside. All of them were great memories.
      – John

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