The Old Fish Market in Windsor, Ontario

My Bride and I were in downtown Windsor one day just making a day of it, shopping and acting like tourists.  We were getting hungry for a late lunch when we wandered into The Old Fish Market.  The outside did not give the appearance of a sea food restaurant as there were emblems of a coach and horses and in close proximity to one of the establishments known in the vernacular as “The Windsor Ballet.”


ON The Old Fish Market MB

It was a summer afternoon day and as we walked by, there were very enticing aromas of prepared fish in the air, so we walked in.  The restaurant, more of what I would call a tavern, in Canada was a bar with a band stand and a nice menu that we looked at before we decided to go in and have lunch.



It was a more casual menu, but they proclaimed to be purveyors of fresh fish served properly.  I really got a kick out the slogan “Just for the Halibut.”   My Bride had halibut and I had some trout.  Since we were having a late lunch, we didn’t mind that this was more of a bar, then a restaurant, but the service and the food was very good.  The food matched that good aroma we discovered as we were walking by.

B&G Vouvray 2003


Since it was the summer time, I ordered a bottle of Barton & Guestier (B&G) Vouvray 2005.  This company has always been a safe haven, both as a distributor of single estates as well as a Negociants of fine district wines.  Vouvray is a district in the Loire Valley and they are known for a good dependable dry white wine made from the Chenin Blanc varietal and the chalky terrain that adds to the unique taste of this wine.

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