Vince’s in Detroit, Michigan

Contrary to the old saying, you can go back home again.  Though the neighborhood has changed as well as the store fronts, one of the old establishments of my youth has still prevailed.  This establishment is known as Vince’s.  When I was a kid, they were a pizzeria on the corner, and I always remember going there to get a pick-up order and they would collect the money and deliver the pie through the top half of a screen door, where the screen had been removed.  There had always been a lively debate among the locals of who made the best pie, and Vince’s has been in the top two of that debate since I can remember.

MI Vince's BC


Over the years, Vince’s has evolved from the pizzeria to a little “Mom and Pop” restaurant, to today where there is a full restaurant with back rooms for groups and parties.  They are still known for their pizza, but they also pride themselves on their home-made pastas and some great veal dishes.  Even though the restaurant has changed over the years, they still have that great “Mom and Pop” feel to it, and have survived all the economic changes that has befallen the city of Detroit.  They proudly hang an autographed picture of “Old Blue Eyes” himself, Francis Albert Sinatra.  You really can’t get much more Italian then that.



I was just there for a planning meeting and we met in one of the back rooms.  Somehow I was bestowed the honorary title of President for this year’s reunion.  As funny as it may sound, we are planning the Third annual non-year reunion for Wilson Junior High School in Detroit.  I say funny because most people talk about their High School reunion, but Wilson Junior High School has more great memories for the alumni, then their assorted High Schools will ever have.

Bolla Bardolino 2010

While most of the committee ordered beers to go along with the two big party pizzas, I opted to order a bottle of wine with some extra glasses, but I had no partakers of my largesse.  I had ordered a bottle of Bolla Bardolino 2010.  Now Bolla is a big supplier of blended regional wines from Italy and this was a decent bottle of Bardolino.  This wine is the lighter wine from Verona which also gives the world Valpolicella and Amarone wines.  Bardolino wines have a majority of Corvina grapes, and then blended with Rondinella and Molinara varietals which produce this distinctive wine with its unique aftertaste that just seems to be enjoyable with traditional Italian food.

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14 Responses to Vince’s in Detroit, Michigan

  1. Gary Fitzpatrick says:

    Very nice touch John

  2. vicki moosekian morgan says:

    i’m telling you john writting is your forte. you make me wanna be a wine drinker. vince’s truly is awesome.

    • Vicki,
      Thank you for your kind words and the time to read an article or two. I find that wine and memories are intertwined, so if you get a chance try a different glass of wine with dinner.
      – John

  3. Regina Davis says:

    That is a very nice review!! As a Southwest Detroit child I also remember Vince’s being a big part of my life. In later years also. My favorite now is the pizza beef burgers! I stop by there to pick one up whenever I get a chance. Thanks for sharing! Best Wishes on the planning of up coming reunion!!…….Regina

    • Regina,
      Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to read an article or two. There are some places that one can still go back to, from the old days. I find that wine, just makes the memories more endearing.
      – John

  4. Kevin Boase says:

    What a great memory. Loved there pizza. I actually stood up in my ex-brother in laws wedding and the reception was held at Vince’s pizzeria.

  5. Mona says:

    I loved this article on Vincent’s pizzeria and your choice of Wine as well!
    Thanks John.
    Mona 🙂

  6. mona says:

    Hi John,
    Very nice Blog on Vincent pizzeria remembered it well. Also good choice on the Wine.
    Thanks John, Mona

  7. Bill Kiesgen says:

    If I may borrow the words of the late Vince himself. “Your gonna make your Momma proud!” Great writing Johnny Boy.

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