La Guardia in Windsor, Ontario

Since I feel like being so continental and going to a foreign land, one restaurant memory recalls another.  One of my late Father’s favorite restaurants was La Guardia, which was located in downtown Windsor.  It was a charming Italian restaurant with dim lighting and tables a little crowded together.

ON La Guardia MB


We would start off with an Antipasto plate as this is my favorite type of an appetizer and I can call it a salad.  They make a great bowl of Pasta Fagiole which I always seem to request.  The first time we were there I was touted to have their Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp.  I was told it was the richest version of this dish that I would ever had.  I had to wait for another time to try one of the great veal dishes, as I ordered the fettuccine.  I have to admit, it was extremely creamy with a wonderful Parmesan cheese flavor.  So often I have had this dish where the cheese must be inferior and it hinders the taste of the dish, but not that evening.  The dish was so rich; I could barely finish my meal, so I was a happy camper.

Antinori Orvieto Classico Campogrande 1992


Since I knew that I was going to be having the Fettuccine Alfredo I wanted to order a white wine for dinner.  I settled on a bottle of Orvieto Classico Campogrande Secco 1992 by Antinori.  The Antinori firm is a large wine house of Italy and I have never been disappointed by their wines.  An Orvieto Classico is from Umbria in Italy and is known for its unique straw colored wine.  It is typically made from Grechetto, Procanico (Trebbiano), Verdello (Verdelho), Drupeggio (Canailo Bianco) and/or Malvasia Bianca varietals.  This wine can be found both secco (dry) and abboccato (sweet).  I was also very happy when this wine was presented in a classic wine bottle as opposed to the pulcinella, which is a straw covered flask.  This wine paired very well as it did not fight the richness of the dish.

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