A Gift for Me

This will be a short entry, but I do wish to thank one set of our dear friends, whose wife attended for the first time at my Bride’s Ladies Christmas Party that I wrote of yesterday.  The next morning as I was reading the paper and relaxing with a cup of coffee, my Bride brought a gift bag to me.  She had just found the gift, as my benefactor had not wanted to make a big to-do of the gift.  The gift was from a dear couple that we have had many a great dinner together with, even once meeting in San Jose, California as we were leaving Carmel and they were just arriving to make the same trip.  Her husband  must also be chided as he will occasionally text me with a question as to which wine I would select for a dinner they are enjoying with out us.  I must say I really enjoyed it when I saw it and I do have to share it with my readers and I do hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.  Though I have to say, that I hope to never have to know find the answer to the question that it poses.

How Much Whine

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