The Breakers at Palm Beach, Florida

“By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea,” are the words I think of each time I think of the Breakers.  I have always presumed that this was the hotel that the movie “Some Like It Hot” was supposed to be set at, even though it was filmed in San Diego.  This is one of the legendary hotels of the country and is on the island of Palm Beach, and what an island it is.  Somewhere in our piles of pictures is one of a Rolls Royce taxi cab that works the island.

FL The Breakers MB

From the retail section of the downtown on the island to the hotel is a good walk or a short drive and our rental car looked so out of place on the island.   The retail area was filled with very exclusive shops and some very unique shops that must cater to some unique collectors.  Some of the shops reminded me more of museums, rather then retail establishments.

After a hard day of shopping we were at the Breakers to dine.  One does not eat there.  There was a beautiful dining area overlooking the beach that was exclusive for the guests only, but we were a bit overheated from our walks and the climate controlled area of the dining room was perfect.  Feeling like royalty is the best way to describe the experience from the china, silverware, and crystal to the pampering that the staff treats you with.  I remember having a hearts of palm salad that was so light and flavorful, and I do not make a fuss over salads.  While I enjoyed a filet, my Bride enjoyed her salmon, and you may have noticed that we are pretty consistent in our dining.

Vosne-Romanee 1'er Cru-Les Chaumes Arnoux 1998

We enjoyed a fine bottle of a first growth red Burgundy wine.  It was a Vosne-Romanee “Les Chaumes” 1998.  I am very partial to red Burgundy wines, and when I see one that I think is priced fairly, it is ordered.  The first growths of this region are just angelic for a lack of a better word.  If Bordeaux is King, Burgundy is the Queen with a royal finesse that is not found in the Clarets.  This was a wonderful way to spend a day in paradise.

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2 Responses to The Breakers at Palm Beach, Florida

  1. The Breakers is a special place and yes that dining room is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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