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“Le Petit Cheval” Bordeaux Blanc 2019

You may be surprised to find out that I stopped by my local wine shop The Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan, before my Bride and I took off for a little getaway.  Immediately, I was spoiled when they poured … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner

It was a Thanksgiving of note, on many levels. While I was carving the turkey, there was an eruption that could have caused tremors on the Richter Scale, the Detroit Lions won and were in first place for their league. … Continue reading

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Open That Bottle Night

I am positive that there will be some spectacular bottles of wine being bandied about on Twitter the last Saturday night of February. That evening has become known as “Open That Bottle Night” and was created by Dorothy Gaiter and … Continue reading

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An Afternoon Respite

We just recently got back from a short trip to Columbus, Ohio. You may think it is reckless to have Michigan license plates on your car and venture into the city, but all was fine and it was a wonderful … Continue reading

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Are Wine Drinkers Eccentric?

Are wine drinkers eccentric, this has been a questioned that has bandied towards me on occasion by others curious about our ilk; I do not think of myself as eccentric, only because this word denotes wealth and I am certainly … Continue reading

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I recently received a message from one of my readers asking me, “What is tannin.”  In spite of the classic Lucille Ball episode where she is crushing grapes in her bare feet, this does not really occur.  They have far … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Feast that Bacchus Would Have Enjoyed

Well the dust is settled from another Thanksgiving meal, and it was a true pleasure to watch my Bride as a whirling dervish overseeing all aspects of the meal.  I had acquired a bug two days ago and with medications … Continue reading

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