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Moulin D’Issan

With my honorary title of “Street Somm” I am one of the first to admit that there is still a lot to learn, even after drinking wine for fifty years.  I was at the Fine Wine Source my favorite home … Continue reading

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Tricky Rules

I am going to discuss two more wines that I tried at The Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan.  I say “tricky rules,” because it sounds like the two wines should be on either side of the river in Bordeaux, … Continue reading

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First Tastes from the Culinary Extravaganza 2013

As soon as we walked into the main room for the Culinary Extravaganza we encountered a table with a restaurant that I had not heard of.  The restaurant was The Stand in Birmingham, Michigan and try as I could; I … Continue reading

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Bordeaux Superior

“Bordeaux Superior” is seen on labels and restaurant menu lists.  It has the “appellation Controlee” guarantee.  It sounds like it is a better (superior) Bordeaux wine. The “superior” that is guaranteed by law, is that the wine is one or … Continue reading

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