First Tastes from the Culinary Extravaganza 2013

As soon as we walked into the main room for the Culinary Extravaganza we encountered a table with a restaurant that I had not heard of.  The restaurant was The Stand in Birmingham, Michigan and try as I could; I could not picture or recall anything about it.  It turns out that the restaurant had not opened yet, but the owner/chef has another restaurant that I have not discussed yet, as he owns Cuisine, which is across the back entrance to the Fisher Theater where my Bride and I have seen many theatrical productions over the years.  Not only was I excited about a new restaurant with a great heritage, they were serving a duck dish, and that is a great way for my taste buds to get started.  They were offering Smoked Duck Ham in a Chicken Veloute with Veal Sweetbreads in a Black Truffle Crème.  This was a sure fire hit for me, and a great reason to check out the restaurant once it opens.

 Fine Wine Source Wines

The very next table to The Stand was Coach Insignia, restaurant that is in downtown Detroit, and another restaurant that I have not written about as of yet.  Alas Coach Insignia did not offer any business cards or as I used to like to collect in the old days matchbooks (which is perhaps a reason that I have not written about these restaurants as of yet, because I lacked seeing a visual token of the evening).  What are the odds, that the very next table was offering a duck dish also, well they were.  They were serving Duck Confit with pickled cherries and candied rhubarb with a micro cress salad and a rosemary cracker.

 MI The Stand BC

After two dishes like that in a row, I had to proceed to a wine table in search of a glass of Pinot Noir, after all I am a creature of habit.  The first table that I went to was serving a Rondineto Pinot Nero (Noir) 2009 from Abruzzo, Italy and it offered a fresh young Pinot Noir that was made to be consumed young, at least that is the thought I had when tasting it.  My Bride tried a Monte Antico Toscana 2009 which was a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  I tried some of hers, and I also thought that this was a wine to be consumed young, as it did not have that bold lusty taste of some of the “Super Tuscany” wines that I have enjoyed.

 MI Forest Grill BC

As we went back to another table with an offering of food, it was the Forest Grill.  This is a restaurant that my Bride has gone to with her girlfriends, but I have not yet ventured there.  I lament that the owner/chef had closed one of my favorite restaurants Five Lake Grills, which I have written about and a special Morel mushroom dinner that I had one night.  The owner/chef is a consultant and I would presume an instructor at the Culinary School and one of his specialties (he has even wrote a book about it) is Charcuterie, a method of curing meats, sausages, pates and other types of smoked or dried cuts.  They were serving a plate of Spalla, cured pork with a fennel and onion salad.  I enjoyed the dish, but my Bride who eschews salt was not fond of the dish.

 Fine Wine Source Wines 2

We then walked over to another table to enjoy some more wine.  I had a glass of Domaine Roux Bourgogne 2010 another Pinot Noir from the Burgundy region done by a blender.  It was a good Pinot Noir without the nuances that one expects from a Burgundy red wine, but I presume that it is an opening price wine and hence it was fine.  While my Bride had a glass of Chateau Sainte Barbe 2010, which was a Bordeaux Superior wine this is a blend of the same varietals that one encounters in a California Meritage wine.

 MI SCF Napkin

As you can see, I have only mentioned five tables from the session and there were still many more to encounter.  The one curious factor that I found was that at the majority of the wine tables, the pouring was done by a volunteer and not by a member of the distributor.  I was told that most of the distributors volunteered the wines, but not a spokesperson.  Most of the volunteers though had a working knowledge of wines and could offer some insights into the wines on their respective tables.  By the time I had left the event, I had pockets filled with menus, business cards and napkins with copious notes that I had taken at most of the tables.

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3 Responses to First Tastes from the Culinary Extravaganza 2013

  1. Sounds like a good time. Interesting, that the volunteers are pouring the wine. I wonder what’s up with that?

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