Brunch at the Townhouse

We were wandering around in Birmingham, Michigan a very nice suburb in the Detroit area that has a nice downtown area for shopping, dining and hotels.  Actually, the trip was for me, instead of my Bride, as I did have to get a couple of things taken care of.  We did some walking and my Bride was getting hungry and we called a restaurant and they were not taking any reservations for lunch, so we walked over there and there was a minimum of a half hour wait, so we left our phone number and started to walk around.  My Bride decided to try another restaurant and they had one booth left, and no tables, so we took it, and my Bride called the first restaurant to cancel our list on their queue.  We ended up eating at the Townhouse and we had never eaten there for all of our trips to Birmingham.  They also opened up a second restaurant in Downtown Detroit with a retractable roof for dining under the stars; and we have never eaten there either. 

My Bride had her heart set on brunch, and as she went through the menu, she stopped at the House Omelet with Broccolini, Cotswold Double Gloucester and Chives and accompanied by the House Salad.   She also stopped at Acinum Prosecco Extra Dry NV, as she is very predictable.  This is a joint collaboration between Edoardo Montresor from Cantine Giacomo Montresor and Vias Imports.  This wine carries the Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP) which is the Italian version of the EU product protection, the same as the AOP in France.  Prosecco is from the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia wine regions and there are now four sub-classifications and the name still protects the grape, which is Prosecco in the region, otherwise it is Glera in the rest of Italy.  Prosecco can be produced by the Charmat method or by the Methode Traditionelle and this wine was made by the Charmat method or the bulk or tank version.  The wine had a nice yellow color with a greenish tinge and medium size bubbles with notes of citrus fruits.  On the palate there was green apples and pink grapefruit, with a medium count finish and it got better after about ten minutes.

I went with the Townhouse burger that was highly touted by our waitress, it was dry-aged beef and hand formed, with Bourbon Glazed Onions, and White Cheddar on a Brioche Bun and served with their Truffle Fries along with Gremolata and a Rosemary Garlic Aioli.  For not being a steakhouse, it was a very good burger, and I actually ate the fries.  I joined my Bride and had some bubbles as well.  I had Bouvet-Ladubay Excellence Brut Rosé NV from the Loire.  The estate was founded by Etienne Bouvet in 1851, making sparkling wine in the valley.  The fruit is from the Saumur area, which is a mix of clay and limestone.  The wine is made from Cabernet Franc and the color is achieved from a rapid maceration, before the initial fermentation in Stainless Steel.  The second fermentation is done in the bottle and the bottles are automatically riddled by gyro-pallets to speed up the Methode Champenoise.  The wine had a pretty salmon-pink shade with tiny bubbles with notes of cherries and figs.  On the palate a creamy mousse of red fruit, biscuits and a nice terroir driven finish.  My Bride said that I picked the better wine again.     

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