Two Glasses

As I had stated in the first of these articles for our latest trip to Louisville, we were dropping off birthday presents from the family as well.  While we were out at the River House restaurant, a very good friend of theirs joined us for dinner, and she also joined us the next night at the house for dinner, as she was going to attend the play along with us.  She also brought along the first glass that I will discuss that she gave as a gift, and as an aside, she had asked me if I knew what it was. 

It was a Riedel Sommeliers Blind Tasting Glass, that was a black lead crystal hand-made mouth-blown classic wine glass.  I thought it was very interesting, and I had never encountered one of these glasses before, as I have never attended a blind tasting event.  I am not a sommelier, nor have I ever taken any of the courses, but I can appreciate the concept of the glass, which would really be akin to a parlor game for some wine people.  No one can appreciate the color of the wine and they would have to use their sense of smell and taste to guide them to a proper conclusion.  I am not sure if I could solve a mystery of this nature, if it was presented to me.  Though we actually have a fine set of black stemware that we use with a set of China, I may have to try it one day at a party with wine lovers and see how it goes, though they are neither of the caliber or quality, it may be an interesting time.

The other glass is one of two that we picked up before we left Louisville.   One will go into a permanent collection to collect dust and the other is to be used.  It may be a collector’s item as it is date May 2, 2020 and it is for 146’th running of Kentucky Derby and as I am writing this, the Derby has been rescheduled, just like everything else in the world.  So, perhaps the second glass should start collecting dust as well. 

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