Bonanza at Kruse and Muer

The other night I had the chance of riding shotgun and keeping my Bride company as she had to drive out to Rochester, Michigan; and yes I am of the age that whenever I hear Rochester I immediately think of Jack Benny, but that is a whole different story and article.  It has been ages since I had been to the downtown area, as we have been to other parts of the city and the Hills as well.  We decided to have dinner first and we went to Kruse and Muer.  Now the Muer name has been famous for food for decades in the Detroit area, first there was Joe Muer and then there was Chuck Muer.  Chuck Muer had numerous locations in the area and once when we were in Palm Beach, we had a charming lunch at Chuck & Harold’s which was near the bridge over the causeway and a short pleasant walk from the Breakers Hotel.  Imagine my surprise when we approached the restaurant, because there were two carved figures surrounding the entry door that brought a smile to my face, as I am old enough to remember them belonging on the façade of The Brass Rail in Downtown Detroit and it was a landmark then. I really sound old.

The Muer name is always associated with fish and seafood, though one could always get a good steak as well.  We were in a bit of hurry and my Bride was stoic and did not have a drink with dinner, because she was working, me on the other hand maintained my hedonistic personality.  My Bride never passes on the chance to have fish and this was no exception as she had the “Jimmy’s Lake Perch” with lemon caper butter, tomato relish and mashed potatoes.  I went with the “Maryland Chicken” with shrimp and crabmeat stuffing, a lobster cream sauce and rice pilaf.  I also enjoyed the fresh bread, that is one of the hallmarks of the Chuck Muer restaurants, though I am still in love with the bread in the teacup at Meriwether’s. 

As for the wine that evening, I felt that I was rushed and selected a red wine, thinking that I would have a steak, but it was still fine with my chicken, perhaps a bit overpowering, but it was a great wine for food.  I selected a wine that I have had before from the Wagner Family of Wines, as in Chuck Wagner of Caymus Vineyards. The wine was Bonanza Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 2 California NV. I have stated before that it the old days, this wine would have been perhaps in a gallon jug with a finger ring, but with the pedigree of the winemaker, even for a wine with no vintage, it was very tasty.  While there are plenty of Cabernet Sauvignon wines that less expensive, they are not nearly as good as this wine.  This is an excellent food wine and one that will keep the dinner bill down.  I might add that the dinner, the wine and the business meeting later were all successful, so maybe I should ride shotgun more often.

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