From Mendoza to Burgundy

Some days the tastings at The Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan just never end, and I am not one to complain.  I had just finished fourteen wines from Korbin Kameron and I was directed over to try a couple of extra wines, and all I can say is that it is a good thing that I had training in the fine art of imbibing from my old neighborhood, though thankfully they are just a tasting.  There were two wines that they thought I should try, while I was there and I am always willing to try either of the two wines.

The first wine that I tried was Bodega Carmelo Patti Cabernet Franc Lujan de Cuyo 2015 and part of the Elixir Wine Group.  Lujan de Cuyo is a subregion of Argentina’s largest wine producing area of Mendoza.  It was officially recognized in 1993 as an area unique for the terroir, as the land is rich from the alluvial soils that came down from the Andes Mountains, and the hot, dry climate from the high altitude, and I have friends that swear that the only wines to drink are mountain wines.  The area is mostly known for Malbec, but it is also known for some excellent Cabernet Sauvignon wines; so I was very interested in trying a Cabernet Franc from the region, not to mention that, that particular grape can melt my dear Bride’s resistance and I am sure that they are aware of it at the shop.  Bodega Carmelo Patti is considered to be a small, rustic winery in the heart of Lujan de Cuyo.  Carmelo Patti was only a one year old when his family moved from Sicily to Argentina and he has thrived in his new country.  He is known for insisting that he won’t release a wine, until he thinks the time has arrived, so that may require four to five years after harvest.  He is also a purist, with no chemical alterations and only using native yeasts.  The wine was fermented and aged in concrete for twelve months and then moved to neutral French Oak for an additional twelve months and bottled unfined and unfiltered.  The wine was delicious and I am not sure if it is me, but I always feel that Cabernet Franc always displays more terroir in the finish compared to many other varietals.  I was a happy camper.

There was one more wine that was strongly touted for me to try Domaine Arnaud Mortet Gevrey-Chambertin 2016 from the legendary Cotes de Nuits of the Burgundy region of France.  Arnaud Mortet began his own Domaine after working for his father at Domaine Denis Mortet and his father passed away in 2006 as the winemaker. The family has holdings in several famed plots in Burgundy and he has since added more, while the Domaine Arnaud Mortet vines are young, the 2016 was his first vintage.  This wine is a mixture of parcels in the Gevrey-Chambertin region from three different quadrants.  The wine was aged in oak, but only a third was new.  This was a very chewy wine and the fruit was still quite forward, but really a beautiful finish, but I think that this wine will be excellent after some additional cellar maturation and to let it mature.  While some may want to snub this wine as it is only a “village level” offering, it was bigger than that to me and after all the wines that day, I enjoyed the finish and did not rinse it away with some water. If this was his first vintage, a couple of years down the road, this wine collection will be awesome, in my estimation.

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