Blue (?)

It had to happen, though I promise that I did not go out of my way to find it.  Blue is a color that I associate very easily with music, from Mood Indigo to modern music.  In the men’s wear industry, blue is a staple color, I mean most men wear only blue, black and gray.  Somehow blue has even become political, and where one would think that left leaning political thinking would be red, think of the Kremlin and Communist China, somehow the media has assigned blue to the left-wing political party today.  Blue in a wine (?), yes, I have seen brilliantly hued blue grapes in a cluster, but I have never seen blue wine.  For years I have known about a liquor Blue Curacao, but I have never even tasted it, but blue wine. 

I was at Wines on Main and I think a tasting of a blue wine was a come-on, a free tasting for those that wanted to try. I told my Bride that I was going to try it, after the real tasting was completed, just for the sake of trying it and giving my opinion on it, whether anyone really cares.  I was waiting for some of the other tasters to try the wine, before I would give my opinion, as I guess, by that point, I was maybe the first wine professional that they had encountered, and I think I am a rank amateur.  Some winemakers have claimed that the blue is a natural color, by running the wine through the skins of the grapes afterwards.  I think it is a fad initially created in Spain, as a marketing ploy, perhaps to attract the short attention span of millennials and because they wish to be iconoclastic, because they think they have thought of something new, like wearing brown shoes with a tuxedo.  I told all the people at the wine bar, that I would give my opinion as well as relate what I have read by other bloggers after we had all tasted the wine, and my poor Bride looked at me, as if I had lost my mind, but in the end, all for research, she even tried it.

There it was waiting for me, in a pretty bottle, reminding me of mouthwash, but in the name of research I was ready to taste Santero La Jolanda Moscato The Blue NV.  The Santero brothers started Santero in 1958 and specialize in sparkling and still wines in the southwest province of Cuneo in Italy.  They produce eighteen-million bottles of wine a year under a variety of labels and types of wines, including fruit-flavored sparkling Moscato.  I am sure that this is strictly a bulk volume produced wine going for the Moscato wine drinkers, that presume that the Muscat grape must only produce very sweet wines.  Now for my thoughts, the nose was missing, but after a couple of big red wines, if there was any nose, it was lacking.  It was not as treacly sweet as I expected, a touch of frizzante, the Italian term for some natural effervescence and I will bestow some nuance to the wine.  I will probably not go and buy this for my company during parties, but I have begun in earnest searching for some Moscato wines for my company.  As for the people at the wine tasting, I told them the description a fellow wine blogger wrote about a blue wine, when they first appeared and I remember it quite clearly, but he did not explain how he knew the particular descriptor, perhaps another reason that I am so against using descriptors, he called it “Smurf Piss.”and I wish I was that clever or glib. Just for the record, I found on the Internet a “generic Smurf drawing.” “Am I blue.”

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  1. Wow, this is certainly new to me!

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