The Night Before

I have stated that we have been in the midst of graduation parties and the clan from Louisville have twins that graduated this year.  Since almost all of their relatives, for both of the parents are in the Detroit area, they decided to have the celebration up in the Metropolitan area, I guess rather than expecting everyone to drive down to Louisville, though some of us, I am sure would have, but the turn out would have been considerably lighter in attendance.  They had shipped some of the stuff for the party ahead of time to our house, for convenience, especially since the center pieces were going to made and carried to the party.  They also had packed lighter, since two of the kids would be coming in another vehicle, and since they had less, they had an adventure and did the trip in their new Tesla, which held four of the family members quite comfortably.   They had to schedule a lunch break in Dayton, while the car got a “charging” to make the rest of the trip.  Since they were staying in their usual residence, which is only a stone’s through from us, we met them for dinner after they unpacked and had the car parked overnight at one of the hotel’s charging stations. 

That night there were six of us for dinner at Sweet Lorraine’s, one of the usual locations that we all get together, especially the first night, because they can walk back to their suite.  I remember the original Sweet Lorraine’s when they opened up, while I was in college and Lorraine was Detroit’s Alice Waters.  In fact, as a side note, we just recently had to drive by the original restaurant location and it was said to see all locked up with “For Sale” signs on the building.  The children have literally grown up with this restaurant, so they knew almost exactly what to order, and since one of the children requires a special regimen and it has always been no problem accommodating his diet. The adults sat at one end and caught up, through the course of a couple of different appetizers and four different entrée orders.  A fun evening and it seems if the two sisters have never been apart, even with the miles in between, almost as if they still live in the same community, if not the same block and street. 

After a needed cocktail for the travelers, we all shared a couple of bottles of Ramon Bilbao Rioja Crianza 2015.  Even though there are a few grapes that are allowed traditionally to make Rioja, this wine was pure Tempranillo. Ramon Bilbao was established in the Rioja Alto back in 1924 and they are firmly ensconced in the region making quality wines. This particular bottle was a Crianza which by law in Spain requires a minimum of twelve months in oak and then another twelve months in bottle before being released.  Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that my Brother-in-Law called me and asked if I could bring over a decanter, before we had dinner. 

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