More Reflections on Virtual Tasting

Now that I have a second virtual wine tasting under my belt courtesy of Snooth, I have to say that I felt more comfortable with the concept.  The first time I had trepidations about what could go wrong and just being in a new situation.  I have to say that I have had plenty of wine tastings over the last four decades or more, but the majority have been a one-on-one situation, and unfortunately many times the person pouring the wines was not well versed in the products that they were representing.  These virtual wine tastings did not suffer from that problem, at all, as I was actually trying to absorb all that was being said, while at the same time, trying to read the remarks and questions that were scrolling on the screen.  It was just fascinating to be a part of it, and I think that it may have seemed faster and more furious, because I have never had to “work” using a computer, so my multi-tasking skills are not really computer oriented.

Thankfully my Bride was at the other end of the dining room table with her lap top, because there was two times when I lost the video and the audio portion of the tasting, but the scrolling discussions were visible.  My Bride had to bring her lap top closer to me, so that I could watch and listen, while still being able to type when necessary.  It was also funny to observe her as she was taking it all in, that she was developing a competitive drive, when she didn’t think that I was quick enough to add into the discussions.   She would also try to edit me, as she claimed that I should be terse, and that I took to long to type, but I am not a typist, and how does a Raconteur become terse?   The whole concept of a Raconteur is the ability at times to elongate and add superfluous asides.   I find that I am glibber in a natural setting, and this arrangement makes me more cautious, but it is getting better (I think).

Then there was the wine, as I wondered how my Bride would respond to the German wines, as we normally don’t have them, because they are currently scarce on the local restaurant horizons when it comes to wine selections.  I have had more German wines compared to her, and I think she was expecting sweeter wines, more akin to some of the white wines that we encounter on a local level here in Michigan.  I think that she was totally surprised and quite happy with these new wines to her.  While she was having trouble verbally describing the wines to me, so that I could add her into the discussion, she was thoroughly enjoying what she was tasting, especially after the wines warmed up a bit and revealed more layers of interest.   She originally wanted to order another four pack, just like we had for the tasting, then she said, lets double it, and finally she said, not lets just get a case.  While her descriptors might have failed her, her ability to decide on adding to the cellar was quick and decisive, and we have been enjoying the balance of the wines since the virtual tasting.  As we both get more comfortable with the process, we both are hoping for more opportunities and the ability to try new wines

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