Chateau D’Issan

I guess it will go down in the annals of The Wine Raconteur as a moment of serendipity.  It was kind of funny, a mixed case of wine from Louisville meets a mixed case of wine from Detroit up at a resort at Thompsonville, Michigan.  Both of the cases were mostly for the enjoyment of the moment, but we each brought one special wine for the dinner that we would have before we went to see The Music Man featuring family members who were accepted for the summer theater program at Interlochen.  By this day the balance of the family members that were coming up had appeared, but the actual number of wine drinkers had not changed, but there was still an electricity in the air and it had nothing to do with a billiard parlor table in River City, Iowa.

Well friends, let me tell you what I mean.  We were making a dinner that evening of two awesome sized beef tenderloins that had been marinating in olive oil, vinegar, garlic and fresh rosemary.  My Bride was making her Caesar Salad, she had premixed the dressing before we left, and had prepped the Romaine lettuce, to make her life easier.  She was also making Armenian Pilaf, but it came out a little different because the vacation home came with an electric stove.  The tenderloins were so large that after being on the barbeque, we actually had to bring them in, carve them into medallions and put them back on the grill to finish them off properly, and the good news is that they came out perfectly, as it would have been a shame to over cook a couple choice cuts of meat like that.

Here is where the serendipity moment came.  My Brother-in-Law and I like to bring out some very interesting wines at times, and while I think that I have a decent cellar, it pales in comparison to his.  That is just the way of life, there is always something better, unless maybe you own the Hope Diamond and then you have total bragging rights.  I brought up Blason D’Issan Margaux 2015 that we had just found and I wrote how we were so impressed that we bought a six pack of the wine.  Blason is a French word for “coat of arms” and I guess that is a nice way for them to list the second label from Chateau D’Issan.  The wine was a blend of sixty percent Cabernet Sauvignon and the balance was Merlot.  The wine is aged from fourteen to sixteen months in French Oak, of which a third is new.  The major difference between the first label and the second label, is a little shorter aging period and the fruit is harvested from younger vines.  The best way that I could describe this wine was “silky” and it was very impressive.  We were looking forward to this dinner, because when we were comparing wines that we had both carried up, he looked at the label of the Blason and thought it looked familiar and it should have.  He had brought a bottle of Chateau D’Issan Margaux 2005, a Troisiemes Grand Cru Classe en 1855 or in plain English a Third Growth from the great classification of the Medoc, and the labels are quite similar.  Chateau D’Issan is a legendary estate in Margaux, just south of Chateau Margaux and next door to Chateau Palmer, I mean some great real estate especially if you are into terroir.  The blend of the two grapes were the same, but because this was fruit from much older vines, the wine was aged for eighteen months in French Oak, of which fifty-five percent was new.  I kind of let a promotion of the dinner out a little early on Twitter showing the tops of the two capsules.  I said that Blason was “silky” and I thought it was the ideal way to describe a great wine from the Margaux, which if you bother to check, I have to admit, that I have had my share of these wines over the decades.  The Chateau D’Issan was ten years older and it still had the deep color and nose that was so impressive about the Blason, without any signs of age and probably way too early to have been disturbed.  I will add two more ethereal words to “silky” as I am not of this new generation that adores finding unique descriptors, but I will add “opulent” and “elegant.” Those three words just all go together after a full tasting of this wine, especially paired with a properly prepared filet.  Who would have ever thought that the two would be united that evening.  Then off to the opening night of the play.

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