Tré Son Zinfandel

Have you ever enjoyed something and then go to look it up and think am I in the Twilight Zone?  That was the case after I tasted a charming wine that showed the depth of terroir that I so enjoy.  Now the word terroir that I bandy about once in awhile is that ethereal term that I call “dirt.”  The dirt or the soil is what makes certain areas in the world so valuable to wine growing and making.  One can have two Chardonnay wines from different parts of the world and one will exhibit a taste that the other does not show, and that is the terroir.  You can taste the shale of the soil, or other minerals that gives one wine the edge over another for being memorable.  I was at Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan having a couple of different tastings of wine, and I know that may amaze you, that I would take time out to try wines.

They poured me a glass of Tré Son 4 Hearts Vineyard Zinfandel 2015 from Paso Robles, California and I was told that this was a Fine Wine Source Exclusive.  Who am I to pass up an offer like this?  I am slowly getting an appreciation for the Zinfandel grape, as for years I had shunned it, from the jam-bombs I remember having as a kid from the homemade “Dago Red” wines that were abundant in my neighborhood and we often received jugs of it as gifts.  All those years back as a child when I was allowed a glass of wine, my sensory functions would go tilt, because I could taste the jammy fruit and egg-whites, which the old men used to use to fine the wines.  As a kid, I could never eat the whites of the eggs by themselves, and that taste had turned me off.  Some fifty years later I guess that I have matured a bit, even though I still don’t eat fried eggs, I have learned to enjoy a good glass of Zinfandel.  This wine that I was tasting was not super jammy, even with the deep color and a truly delightful nose, but there was a charming earthy terroir that really won me over.  Alas, I can not find anything about this winery, because I really enjoyed it.

I went to search 4 Hearts Vineyard to see if I could find out about this wine from a backdoor, if you may.  The vineyard was bought in 2004, which at the time was a walnut ranch, and the first fifteen acres of thirty-seven were planted in 2007, of which ten acres were Zinfandel.  The vineyard is owned by a gentleman that hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan who now resides in Paso Robles.  The 4 Hearts refer to his wife and his three daughters, so that negated the three sons thought.  When one considers the tender young age of this vineyard, it is well respected by some other wineries that use their fruit.  Some of the wineries listed by the vineyard include some of their earliest purchasers like Dunning Vineyard, Saxum Vineyards and Venteux Vineyards and many others.  So, all I can say is, if you find this bottle of wine, give it a go, I don’t think you will be disappointed, unless like me you try to search it on the web; this is a case of just relaxing and enjoy the wine.

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